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'''Tyson''' (Japanese: '''テツヤ''' ''Tetsuya'') is a {{pkmn|Trainer}} from [[Mauville City]] who competed in the [[Ever Grande Conference]] and one of {{Ash}}'s [[rival]]s.
Tyson first appeared in ''[[AG125|Like Aa Meowth to Flame!]]''. He rescued Ash and {{ashfr}} from a flock of {{p|Murkrow}} with his {{TP|Tyson|Meowth}}. They quickly became friends as it turns out they were going to the same place to eat and because Tyson has a certain fondness for food like {{an|May}}. The group met up with him interacting with [[Charles Goodshow]], where he found out that Ash and Brock were also torch-runners [[EP074|in the past]]. Later, an "Officer Jenny" and "Nurse Joy" ({{TRT}} in disguise) went up to Tyson and ran off with the torch of {{p|Moltres}}. He warned Ash and the gang that they ran off with the torch and chased after them. Tyson stopped [[Team Rocket's mechas|their balloon]] by having his {{p|Metagross}} use {{m|Confusion}}. His Meowth successfully took the torch from the {{MTR|talking one}} and finished the villains with {{m|Thunderbolt}}.
In [[AG126|the next episode]], he came to Ash's and [[Morrison]]'s rescue from Team Rocket's pit traps. Once again, his Meowth sent them away but this time, with an {{m|Iron Tail}}. He later battled [[Vivica]] and her {{p|Persian}} in the first round of the Ever Grande Conference. Tyson used Meowth and ended up winning the round, only for him to restrain Meowth from attacking any further.
Tyson defeated his opponent's {{p|Rhydon}} with Meowth in ''[[AG129|A Judgment Brawl]]'' after Ash defeated Katie.
He battled Ash in ''[[AG130|Choose It or Lose It!]]'' and ''[[AG131|At Thethe End of the Fray!]]''. Tyson was a very tough foe for Ash as both sides were down to their last Pokémon, Pikachu and Meowth respectively. After a long battle, both sides were having trouble standing up. However, Meowth emerged victorious when it was the only one standing. Tyson congratulated Ash for a good battle. Tyson then went on to the finals and ended up winning the [[Hoenn]] League, having the chance to battle the Hoenn [[Elite Four]].
After the Ever Grande Conference, he said goodbye to Ash and his friends as he left [[Ever Grande City]].
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This is a listing of Tyson's known {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}: