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==Why is my redirect is deleted?==
Common reasons are that the redirect you created is unnecessary. Redirects, such as plural names, are unnecessary. Sometimes, you don't need to create a redirect with a name like "Streetpass" because if you searched for an article named with that name, it would automatically redirect to the name "[[StreetPass]]", even though there is no redirect named "Streetpass". Your redirect maybe also a "broken redirect", which can be found out more [[User:Pokéfan95/Redirect policy#What is a "double redirect" and "broken redirect"?|here]].
==Can I create a redirect redirecting to a template?==
No, but with some exceptions. For example, a template named {{template|clear}} is created 2008, but now, another template that is the same with {{template|clear}} is created, and it is named {{template|-}}. The staff have decided to make {{template|clear}} to be a redirect of {{template|-}}, as there are still other articles using {{template|clear}}. But however, using the redirect redirecting to a template as a transclusion, is discouraged, as every time you visit an article with a transcluded redirect, it would redirect to the right template. And because of that, there is a risk that a {{wp|DDOS}} (Distributed Denial of Service) attack will occur. So if you see a transcluded redirect, please fix it by linking it to the right template by editing.
==What is a "double redirect" and "broken redirect"?==
Double redirects are redirects that redirect to another redirect. To fix this, if the second redirect redirects to a non-redirect page, then make the first one redirect to the non-redirect page. The same also for third redirects and fourth redirects. Double redirects should be fixed immediately. While Broken redirects are redirects that redirect to a non-existing page. If you find a broken redirect, you can tag it with {{template|delete}}. You can find a list of current double redirects and broken redirects [[Special:DoubleRedirects|here]] and [[Special:BrokenRedirects|here]], respectively.
==How if I saw a redirect that violates this policy?==