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|Prevents the Pokémon icon or disruption under it from moving in any way, including falling. Can be cleared by making a match using the Pokémon icon under it, Barrier Bash and the icon it affects being erased by Mega Effects, Quirky or Quirky+. If cleared by anything other than erasure the Pokémon icon under it is not destroyed. Can affect other disruptions.
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|Non-Support Pokémon icon
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|An icon that gives the player bonus Coins if matched. Can be moved freely and performs matches with itself. Can be cleared in any way a normal Pokémon icon can (including by another one of them activating Quirky or Quirky+), plus by Eject, althoughand they may not beare affected by Stabilise, Stabilise+ or Disrupt Buster. +100 Coins for a match of three, +300 Coins for a match of four, +500 for a match of five, and +700 for a match of six regardless of any combos.
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|A metal block that falls, but cannot be moved by the stylus. Can be cleared by making a certain number of moves after it appears on the field andor by Block Bash.
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| 1.0.1
| February 18, 2015
| Adds the special stage "Launch Special: Meet Mew" (original Mew stage) and "The Daily Pokémon (#1)".
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| style="background:#FFF; {{roundybl|5px}}" | 1.0.2
| style="background:#FFF" | February 20, 2015
| style="background:#FFF; {{roundybr|5px}}" | Fixes [[List of glitches in spin-off games#Use any Pokémon glitch|a glitch]] that allowed a player to use any Pokémon in the game at any time.
| 1.1.11
| April 27, 2015
| Adds the "3.5 Million Celebration" Celebi special stage (available immediately), Mega Banette Competitive Stage (available starting May 1), "One chance a day!" Pinsir special stage (available starting May 7), the return of "The Daily Pokémon (#1)" special stage (available starting May 4) and compatibility for a code for 5 "Exp. Points x1.5" items (redeemable starting April 30).
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|style="background:#FFF; {{roundybl|5px}}" | 1.1.12
|style="background:#FFF" | May 11, 2015
|style="background:#FFF; {{roundybr|5px}}" | Adds main stages 181-190 as well as the "Regirock Rocks the Scene" special stage.
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| 1.1.13
| May 18, 2015
| Adds the special stage "The Daily Pokémon (#3)" and the return of the Mega Lucario Competitive Stage as a move-limited stage.
===Mega Evolutions===
Disruptions can be erased if they are in a tile targeted by the effect. Each Pokémon or disruption erased boosts the amount of damage dealt to the opponent, but empty tiles do not count. The Pokémon that make the match that triggers the Mega EffectEffects are also erased before they can combo, but do not boost the amount of damage done beyond a non-Mega match. A Mega-Match and its resulting effect can take priority over other matches; to prevent this, the non-Mega match must trigger first by moving the icon to complete that match so the Mega match does not disrupt it.
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