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You missed the "Absolutely Lovely" requirement.
The episode begins with {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} traveling through a tunnel and when they emerge they receive a very cold welcoming, as they have now entered the snowy northern part of [[Sinnoh]]. Just ahead is [[Shelter Town]], the final stop before [[Snowpoint City]], so the gang decides to take a pit stop before moving on. While in a [[Pokémon Center]], Dawn asks after a package that is due to be delivered to her, however [[Nurse Joy]] informs her it hasn't arrived yet. To pass the time, Dawn lets {{TP|Dawn|Buneary}} out of her Poké Ball to let her have some fun with the other Pokémon. Then, a stranger comes racing for Buneary and starts to hug and play around with it chanting the phrase "so cute", the stranger is a girl called [[Marilyn]], who believes cute Pokémon are the best. She explains that her criteria for cuteness is that the Pokémon must be under 2 feet tall and, must not have evolved, thereforeand looks "absolutely lovely". Therefore Dawn introduces her {{TP|Dawn|Piplup}} to Marilyn to see if she think Piplup is cute or not. Despite the fact that he meets two of her requirements, Marilyn discourages the fact he's cute and starts to remark on the features that turns off Piplup's cuteness, thus enraging Dawn and causing Piplup to be paralyzed in shock. After calling Dawn "Dawny", claiming it was a cuter name than Dawn, Marilyn is challenged to a battle, which she accepts.
Once the battle begins, Dawn uses Buneary causing Marilyn to infatuate over Buneary's cuteness, almost forgetting about the battle, she then sends out {{p|Cherubi}}. At the start of the battle, Marilyn orders Cherubi to use {{m|Protect}} when Buneary attacks with {{m|Ice Beam}}... however Cherubi still recoils in pain even though Protect was successful. Brock realizes that this is simply Marilyn's attempt to stall the battle, making him angry and he orders her to battle properly or be disqualified. Marilyn tells Brock what she thinks battling is, which is the valiant of a Pokémon and how it stands up after being hit, thus enraging Brock and yells at her some more, she finally obeys Brock and defeats Buneary with a single {{m|SolarBeam}}. Marilyn is very pleased with herself, while Brock refuses to believe that a Pokémon's cuteness is their only asset in battle.