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Appendix:Red and Blue walkthrough/Section 8

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Lavender Town: Poké Mart items
{{to|Lavender}} is a tiny, quiet town, but it is not without its own unique landmarks. The most well-known is [[Pokémon Tower]], while the Lavender Volunteer Pokémon House and the Name Rater are also found here. The Poké Mart in the southeast offers some new items, like [[Revive]]s and {{ball|Great}}s.
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{{shop|Poké Mart}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Great Ball|600}}|{{shopitem|Super Potion|700}}}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Revive|1500}}|{{shopitem|Escape Rope|550}}}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Super Repel|500}}|{{shopitem|Antidote|100}}}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Burn Heal|250}}|{{shopitem|Ice Heal|250}}}}
{{shoprow|{{shopitem|Parlyz Heal|200}}}}
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== Route 8 ==
[[File:Kanto Route 8 RBY.png|thumb|400px|left|Route 8]]