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Mantine (Pokémon)

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* Mantine can be seen as a parallel to {{p|Skarmory}}. Both of them are {{type|Flying}} {{cat|Generation II Pokémon}}. Mantine is exclusive to {{game3|Gold and Silver|Pokémon Gold|s}} and {{game3|HeartGold and SoulSilver|HeartGold|s}}, while Skarmory is exclusive to {{game3|Gold and Silver|Pokémon Silver|s}} and {{game3|HeartGold and SoulSilver|SoulSilver|s}}. Furthermore, neither of the two had any evolutions in Gold and Silver.
** They also have exactly the same base stats, except that Mantine is oriented towards the [[Special move|special]] stats, while Skarmory is more based in the [[Physical move|physical]] stats.
* Mantine is tied with {{p|Kyogre}} for having the highest Special Defense base stat out of all {{type|Water}} Pokémon. Mantine also has the highest Special Defense base stat out of all non-legendary Flying types.
* Despite the fact that Mantine evolve from Mantyke in the presence of a {{p|Remoraid}}, Remoraid has not been present on any of Mantine's sprites in the main series of games since Generation IV, in which this evolution method was introduced. This may be due to fact that the Remoraid used for evolution doesn't disappear after Mantine evolves from Mantyke.