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Mt. Coronet

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|mapdesc=A sacred mountain that is capped the year round with snow. A gigantic maze sprawls inside it.<br>There is an ancient ruin named the Spear Pillar located here.
|location_name=Mt. Coronet
|translated_name=Mt. Tengan
|location=Center of [[Sinnoh]]
|map=Sinnoh Mt Coronet Map.png
'''Mt. Coronet''' (Japanese: '''テンガン{{tt|山|ざん}}''' ''Mt. Tengan'') is the highest mountain in the [[Sinnoh]] region, part of a long mountain range that divides the region in half. Most of it is a deep cave, though there are several above-ground areas in which it snows constantly.
The cave that winds through the mountain is apparently man-made, as bridges run through it, though the higher one climbs, the more rugged it becomes. As a centerpiece of the region, the cave connects [[Oreburgh City]], [[Eterna City]], [[Hearthome City]], [[Celestic Town]], and [[Snowpoint City]] via [[Route]]s {{rtn|207|Sinnoh}}, {{rtn|208|Sinnoh}}, {{rtn|211|Sinnoh}}, {{rtn|216|Sinnoh}}, and {{rtn|217|Sinnoh}}. To fully navigate the mountain's caves, {{m|Surf}}, {{m|Strength}}, {{m|Defog}}, {{m|Rock Smash}}, {{m|Rock Climb}}, and {{m|Waterfall}} are required.
* Whenever the player views a map within Mt. Coronet, whether it's the [[Town Map]] or the Berry and marking maps on the [[Pokétch]], it will only show what route the player entered Mt. Coronet from.
* The only [[HM]] moves not required to fully navigate the caves are {{m|Cut}} and {{m|Fly}}.
* Mt. Coronet is mentioned in the description of {{DL|Mystery Dungeon evolutionary items|Coronet Rock}}, a item exclusive to the [[Pokémon world (Mystery Dungeon)|Pokémon Mystery Dungeon world]].
===Name Originorigin===
Mt. Coronet is named after a {{wp|coronet}}, a small crown consisting of ornaments fixed on a metal ring, as the mountain itself is the "crown" of Sinnoh. The Japanese nameword 天冠 ''Tengantengan'' literally means "celestial crown", considering the mountain's connection to {{p|Arceus}}.
==In other languages==