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When [[Kurt]] was in trouble, Jou and Totodile come to his rescue after they witness the {{p|Slowpoke}} being mistreated by Team Rocket who want their tails for profit. However, before Totodile got a chance to battle them, Petrel sends out his {{p|Zubat}} to take their place. Zubat severely injured Totodile with {{m|Wing Attack}}. Petrel sends out his {{p|Koffing}} to join in the fun. Totodile gets up and is once again hit by Zubat's Wing Attack. Jou then supports Totodile to not give up. Totodile delivers the finishing blow to Zubat and Koffing, with the latter using {{m|Selfdestruct}}, causing an explosion and fainted.
[[File:Jou Croconaw.png|thumb|left|200px|As a Croconaw]]
Later, Totodile was used to battle [[Morty]] where it battled with his {{p|Haunter}} first. Totodile started things off with {{m|Leer}} and then used a super-effective Bite. Haunter tosses Totodile off and is caught by Jou. Totodile uses Bite again and finishes Haunter off with Water Gun. Totodile's next opponent was {{pTP|Morty|Gengar}}. Gengar was very tough as its punch sent Totodile flying. Totodile countered with {{m|Crunch}} and finished Gengar off with Water Gun.
Totodile came to Jou's rescue when a [[Red Gyarados]] was about to attack him and [[Lance]]. It battled with the Red Gyarados until Gyarados became fatigued. Totodile then participated in a Double Battle where it allied with [[Lance's Dragonite]] against [[Ariana]] and [[Petrel]]. During the battle, the Red Gyarados comes by and acts friendly toward Totodile, bonding a friendship between the two and Jou.