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====Content available====
* ''[http://www.hulu.com/pokemon Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl]''
* ''[http://www.hulu.com/pokemon Pokémon the Series: XY]''{{tt|*|XY001 and XY002 only}}
* ''[http://www.hulu.com/pokemon-origins Pokémon Origins]''
* ''[http://www.hulu.com/watch/589513 Pokémon: Catchatronic]''{{tt|*|misspelled as Catcharonic}}
* ''[http://www.hulu.com/pokmon-the-series-ruby-and-sapphire Pokemon Thethe Series: Ruby & Sapphire]''{{tt|*|select episodes only}}
Also available a [http://www.hulu.com/pokemon-espanol separate section] of episodes but only with {{pmin|Latin America|Latin American Spanish dub}}.