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Plot: If Gold or Todd were alone, then this would be correct. It is now correct.
{{adv|Emerald}} awakes to find himself in the {{Gdis|Battle Frontier|III}}'s accommodation, fully rested and unaware of the time. He begins relieving himself over the balcony of his room, but is interrupted by an annoyed {{adv|Crystal}} and the rest of the [[Pokédex holder]]s. {{adv|Gold}} and the [[Todd Snap|reporter]] explainsexplain that Emerald had slept through the day until sunset.
Emerald is greeted by his {{TP|Emerald|Sceptile}} and {{p|Dusclops}}, but wonders where his other four Pokémon are. {{adv|Red}}, Gold, and Crystal reveal that Emerald's other team members have become friends with his seniors' Pokémon. Emerald looks outside and sees his {{p|Snorlax}} getting along with Red's Snor, his {{p|Mr. Mime}} getting along with Crystal's, and his {{p|Sudowoodo}} and {{p|Mantine}} with Gold's Sudobo and Tibo.