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Plot: The 4 from Kanto, plus the three from Johto is 7. Add the 3 from Hoenn and that's 10.
{{adv|Ruby}}, {{adv|Sapphire}}, {{adv|Gold}}, and {{adv|Crystal}} reunite with {{adv|Red}}, {{adv|Blue}}, {{adv|Green}}, {{adv|Yellow}} and {{adv|Silver}} while {{adv|Emerald}} watches. Blue and Green check their Poké Balls to see if their Pokémon are alright, while Silver looks at his {{TP|Silver|Feraligatr}}. An image of a crashing wave appears behind Feraligatr, and the bangle on his arm starts to glow. While Red and Yellow check their teams, Gold points them to [[Pika]] and [[Chuchu]] outside. Gold hands Red a pair of new clothes, as well as some gloves.
Red tries to recall what happened to him and the others, but Blue tells him that they have to deal with [[Guile Hideout|Guile]] first. Guile notes how surprising how the recent events have turned, but points out that the Battle Tower is still under his control. Guile sends a large wave of rental Pokémon to attack the ten Pokédex holders. They attempt to fight back, but Guile sends the monster {{p|Kyogre}} to cover the Battle Tower in water once more. Green notes how she wanted all nine of them to meet up, but not in these circumstances. Crystal corrects her by stating that there's actually nineten of them now.
Gold attempts to tell Silver of his bangle, but Silver reveals that he was conscious the entire time, embarrassing Gold for when he called Silver his buddy. Silver states that he imagined Feraligatr gaining a new power, which was helped by watching Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald train. The bangle glows and falls off, meaning that Feraligatr has learned {{m|Hydro Cannon}}. Everyone else is shocked to see how fast Silver learned the move, while Gold notes how it took two months for him.
While Gold gets angry that Guile plans on using Jirachi's last wish, Emerald tells him to start their plan. Gold calls out [[Pibu]], who takes something from Emerald and jumps to somewhere else. Emerald attacks Guile with his {{p|Dusclops}}'s {{m|Shadow Punch}}, but Guile blocks it with his sword. Guile tells everyone that they should just give up, as their plan to capture Jirachi was a failure. Guile decides to use Jirachi finish everyone else, as he points out that he never actually released Jirachi.
Guile has Jirachi use {{m|Doom Desire}}, which causes a giant flash of light. Nothing happens, but Guile reveals that the attack has a delayed effect. Red and Gold step in to defend, but the Doom Desire's attack begins falling from the sky. [[Poli]] pushes Emerald out the way of the attack, only to get himself, Red, and Gold hit by it. Emerald tells Guile that he's the one he should be fighting, not them. Gold begins surrendering, only to reveal that he was faking. Suddenly, Poli uses {{m|Double Team}}, surrounding Guile with clones of himself.
==Major events==