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'''The Cave of Dragonflies''' (also TCoD) is a Pokémon fan site run and managed by Butterfree, also known as Dragonfree or Antialiasisantialiasis.
The site focuses primarily on the [[Pokémon games]] and various original theories and opinions by the webmistress.
The Cave of Dragonflies started on November 2nd, 2002 as a website called Butterfree's Pokémon Site, later proclaimed by Butterfree herself on the [ Site History] page to have had "eye-hurting background colors" and "horrid browser support". It has been continuously updated ever since, on average, slightly less than seven times a month on average.
The original inspiration to create it was Mew's Hangout, a now-defunct fan site by Mewkitty, but the two are, surprisingly, not similar. Mew's Hangout focused more on art and imagery, while the Cave of Dragonflies focuses more on the written word.
In its history, the site has faced some temporary server difficulties, but has never experienced a long period of downtime. The site possesses over 100 pages of content in all,; however, quite a few are not accessible from the main site now as they have been taken down for one reason or another.
Butterfree also has created at least two fanfics;: a large, elaborate fanfic known as ''The Quest for the Legends'' and a [[Pokémorph]] <span class="plainlinks">[ deconstruction]</span> fanfic called ''Morphic''. There is also theThe Cave of Speculative Theories, a mini-site connected to the main Cave of Dragonflies that detailsdetailed new events in the Pokémon franchise, particularlywas newlaunched games,alongside the release of {{game|Diamond and Butterfree'Pearl|s}}, reactionsbut andwas opinionslater toclosed on February 14th them2011.