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Personality and characteristics
Inkay is also a powerful and resourceful battler, shown in ''[[XY008|Grooming Furfrou!]]'' and ''[[XY033|Calling from Beyond the Aura!]]''. It was able to beat [[Officer Jenny]]'s {{p|Manectric}} with ease and then prevented {{AP|Pikachu}} from attacking it by spraying him with ink in the former and easily knocked out {{TP|Clemont|Bunnelby}} with Tackle in the latter. It had no problem listening to its Trainer after it was caught.
In ''[[XY054|Facing the Grand Design!]]'', it was shown to have a strong bond with its Trainer, similar to thethat of [[Ash]] and his Pikachu. In fact, it was so pointstrong wherethat James was able to break it free of Malamar's {{m|Hypnosis}}. It was also shown to have a great relationship with Team Rocket, wanting to protect them from the evil Malamar and avenge them for being controlled by them previously.
==Moves used==