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On the way, Team Rocket has apparently regrouped and launches a balloon-born assault on the party -- however, May's {{TP|May|Combusken}} quickly dismisses the balloon with a {{m|Sky Uppercut}} and Joshua's {{p|Houndoom}} rebukes Team Rocket's ragtag offensive. The addition of Skitty's {{m|Assist}} and Jynx's {{m|Hyper Beam}} send Team Rocket blasting off. May and Erica begin arguing over the battle, but Joshua points out that if they keep fighting, they will miss the Contest registration. May and Erica agree to resolve their argument on the Contest floor. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has landed and Jessie and Meowth enter the Contest in the persona of "The Jester". Ash resolves to keep training with Snorunt outside of the Contest Hall, leaving Brock and Max to root for May.
Jessie ("The Jester") and Meowth use {{m|Fury Swipes}} to carve out ice sculptures in the preliminary rounds, while Joshua uses his Houndoom's {{m|Shadow Ball}} and {{m|Swift}} for sensational effect. Erica's Jynx combines {{m|Blizzard}} and {{m|Psychic}} while May combines aan {{{m|Razor LeafAssist}}-spawned {{m|AssistRazor Leaf}}, a {{m|Blizzard}}, and {{m|DoubleSlap}} to shower the hall in sparkling crystal. All four Trainers advance to the second round. May is assigned to fight Joshua, and Erica squares off against Jessie.
==Major events==