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Mewtwo (Best Wishes series)

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image=[[File:Mewtwo M16.png|300px]]<br><small>Mewtwo</small><br>[[File:Mega Mewtwo Y anime.png|300px]] |
caption=Mewtwo as {{me|Mewtwo}} Y |
ability={{a|Pressure}}{{tt|*|Normal Mewtwo}}<br>{{a|Unnerve}}{{tt|*|Pokémon Hills Mewtwo event distribution}}|
Afterwards, Mewtwo was caught in a fierce thunderstorm. Having not recovered completely, it sought shelter in a cave, where several other [[wild Pokémon]] were also taking cover from the rain. The other Pokémon initially seemed cautious towards it, but as a lightning bolt struck and caused Mewtwo to fall over and pass out, the Pokémon saw its need for help, and used their health-restoring moves on it, allowing it to recover faster. Seeing this, Mewtwo realized that it wasn't alone in the world after all, and started considering all the wild Pokémon as its friends, although it still kept its cold attitude towards humans.
[[File:Mega Mewtwo Y anime.png|thumb|250px|left|Mewtwo as {{me|Mewtwo}} Y]]
[[File:Mewtwo and Flying-types.png|thumb|251px|rightleft|Mewtwo with some of its Pokémon friends]]
In ''[[M16|Genesect and the Legend Awakened]]'', Mewtwo was having a flying race with several {{t|Flying|bird}} Pokémon, and went on to challenge its own powers by Mega Evolving and speeding as high as it could go, until it reached the edge of space. Feeling that it could not stay at this hostile environment, it let itself fall down, until it heard a telepathic voice, asking to get back home. It went towards the source of the voice, and found the [[Genesect Army]] at a snowy mountain area. An avalanche started and threatened the group of Paleozoic Pokémon. Changing into its Mega Evolution, Mewtwo was able to save all of them but the Red Genesect. Realizing that it had heard the voice of the Douse Drive Genesect, Mewtwo read its mind, discovering that they were Pokémon who, like it, were [[Artificial Pokémon|created by humans]]. The Red Genesect then reappeared, having survived the avalanche, and attacked Mewtwo, who explained that the world had thoroughly changed since they had last been alive, and asked them to come with it. Not trusting Mewtwo, the Red Genesect forced its companions to attack Mewtwo, fending it off before leaving.