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In ''[[BW108|A Unova League Evolution!]]'', Virgil used Eevee off-screen in his [[Vertress Conference]] quarter-finals battle against [[Russet]] and in his finals battle against [[Dino]]'s {{p|Druddigon}}. Eevee eventually won, making Virgil the winner of the Conference. After the Conference, Virgil noted that having battles with tough Trainers made Eevee very confident. She was last seen along with Virgil, being picked up by [[Davy]].
She is very close to Virgil, and therefore is extremely affectionate towards him, which can be seen in "Teamher Eevee and the Pokémon Rescue Squad"debut when she ran into Virgil's arms and nuzzled herself against his cheek.
Eevee's known moves are {{m|Helping Hand}}, {{m|Protect}}, {{m|Dig}}, {{m|Iron Tail}}, {{m|Trump Card}}, and {{m|Sand Attack}}.}}