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List of items by index number (Generation I)

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In the Japanese games, a series of [[Pokémon Red and Green Beta|unused]] strings also follows the list of floor names, from address 0x45F5 to 0x4671. The exact same data follows the floor names in the English games, from address 0x4A92 to 0x4B0E. Since this data follows the Japanese encoding, the strings are nonsense within English games. Like the list of floor names, they do not have valid effects when forced as items.
The last text string, "excellent" (Japanese: エクセレント) is curiously not terminated by 0x50. It is included in the internal name of the hex:74 item glitch item at the buffer at CD68 (an address to store the names of terminated strings and copy them elsewhere; in this case, it is updated when the name of the item is selected), however, the lack of a 0x50 character is responsible for obscuring the name of the item and making "エクセレント" invisible, in addition to making it a glitch item that freezes the game simply when it is selected, not used, when a 0x50 cannot be found past the CD68 buffer.
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