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List of items by index number (Generation I)

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Each item has a number used to identify it in any game. The following list enumerates them according to the way they are stored in any [[Generation I]] [[Game Boy]] game.
The names of items are stored in the ROM of the English {{2v2|Red|Blue}} atgames offsetfrom the address 0x472B withto one0x4A62 byte(0x433F forto every0x45B4 characterin the Japanese games). AnThe additionalformat byteis a simple list of variable-length strings (witheach valuebyte 0x50)of isthe usedstring corresponding to tella character, per the game's thatcharacter theencoding), nextwith itemdifferent belongsstrings toseparated by the nextbyte index number0x50.
{| style="margin:auto; background: #{{Blue color}}; {{roundy}} border: 5px solid #{{Red color}};"
{{hexlist|Max Ether|51|081|no|8=no}}
{{hexlist|Elixer|52|082|no|8=no}} <!---supposed to be misspelled!sic--->
{{hexlist|Max Elixer|53|083|no|8=no}} <!---supposed to be misspelled!sic--->
==Invalid items (adjacent names)==
TheDirectly namesfollowing ofthe itemsitem endnames&mdash;from ataddress offset0x4A63 FollowingEnglish, on0x45B5 directly from offset 0x4A63in Japanese&mdash;are a list of floor names which are stored in the same format as itemsthe item names, meaning that they can be forced to appear as items,; althoughhowever they do not have valid effects and can freeze the game when used. These names are used by lifts and are retrieved from the same ROM location, meaning there is nothing in the gamegames to suggest that these wouldwere onceever becomeintended as real items.
{| align="center" style="background: #{{Blue color}}; {{roundy}} border: 5px solid #{{Red color}};"
ProceedingIn the listJapanese of floor names (0x4A92) aregames, a series of [[Pokémon Red and Green Beta|unused]] namesstrings writtenalso infollows Japanese,the endinglist atof (0x4B08).<ref>[ Threadnames, onfrom Jul]</ref>address Although0x45F5 theseto names0x4671. doThe existexact insame thedata English {{2v2|Red|Blue}},follows the floor names are illegible becausein the characterEnglish tablegames, forfrom theaddress localised0x4A92 Generationto I0x4B0E. gamesSince isthis incompatibledata withfollows {{2v2|Red|Green}}.the TheJapanese namesencoding, maythe havestrings onceare beennonsense partwithin ofEnglish multiple listsgames. Like the list of floor names, they do not have valid effects when forced as items. The last text string is not terminated by 0x50.
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! style="background:#{{Green color}}" | Hex
! style="background:#{{Green color}}; {{roundytr|5px}}" | Item
{{hexlist|List! of unobtainable itemsstyle="background:#ThunderBadge{{!}}かみなりバッヂ|62|098|no|8=noGreen color}}; {{ttroundytr|*|ThunderBadge5px}}" | Translation
{{hexlist|List of unobtainable items#ShellBadgeThunderBadge{{!}}かいがらみなりバッヂ|6362|099098|no|8=no}}{{tt |*|ShellBadge}} ''ThunderBadge''
{{hexlist|List of unobtainable items#JizoBadgeShellBadge{{!}}おじぞうかいがらバッヂ|6463|100099|no|8=no}}{{tt |*|JizoBadge}} ''ShellBadge''
{{hexlist|List of unobtainable items#FalconBadgeJizoBadge{{!}}はやぶさおじぞうバッヂ|6564|101100|no|8=no}}{{tt |*|FalconBadge}} ''JizoBadge''
{{hexlist|List of unobtainable items#CoolBadgeFalconBadge{{!}}ひんぶさバッヂ|6665|102101|no|8=no}}{{tt |*|CoolBadge}} ''FalconBadge''
{{hexlist|List of unobtainable items#FriendshipBadgeCoolBadge{{!}}なかよしひんやりバッヂ|6766|103102|no|8=no}}{{tt |*|FriendshipBadge}} ''CoolBadge''
{{hexlist|List of unobtainable items#RoseBadgeFriendshipBadge{{!}}バラなかよしバッヂ|6867|104103|no|8=no}}{{tt |*|RoseBadge}} ''FriendshipBadge''
{{hexlist|List of unobtainable items#FireballBadgeRoseBadge{{!}}ひのたまバラバッヂ|6968|105104|no|8=no}}{{tt |*|FireballBadge}} ''RoseBadge''
{{hexlist|List of unobtainable items#GoldBadgeFireballBadge{{!}}ゴールドひのたまバッヂ|6A69|106105|no|8=no}}{{tt |*|GoldBadge}} ''FireballBadge''
{{hexlist|List of unobtainable items#EggGoldBadge{{!}}たまごゴールドバッヂ|6B6A|107106|no|8=no}}{{tt |*|Egg}} ''GoldBadge''
{{hexlist|List of unobtainable items#ChickEgg{{!}}ひよこたまご|6C6B|108107|no|8=no}}{{tt |*|Chick}} ''Egg''
{{hexlist|List of unobtainable items#BronzeChick{{!}}ブロンズひよこ|6D6C|109108|no|8=no}}{{tt |*|Bronze}} ''Chick''
{{hexlist|List of unobtainable items#SilverBronze{{!}}シルバーブロンズ|6E6D|110109|no|8=no}}{{tt |*|Silver}} ''Bronze''
{{hexlist|List of unobtainable items#GoldSilver{{!}}シルバルド|6F6E|111110|no|8=no}}{{tt |*|Gold}} ''Silver''
{{hexlist|List of unobtainable items#Petit CaptainGold{{!}}プチキャプテンゴールド|706F|112111|no|8=no}}{{tt |*|Petit Captain}}''Gold''
{{hexlist|List of unobtainable items#Petit Captain{{!}}プチキャプテン|7170|113112|no|8=no}}{{tt |*| ''Petit Captain}}''
{{hexlist|List of unobtainable items#Petit MasterCaptain{{!}}キャチマスターテン|7271|114113|no|8=no}}{{tt |*|Petit Master}}''Captain''
{{hexlist|List of unobtainable items#Petit Master{{!}}プチマスター|7372|115114|no|8=no}}{{tt |*| ''Petit Master}}''
{{hexlist|List of unobtainable items#Master{{!}}マスター|73|115|no|8=no}} || ''Master''
{{hexlist|List of unobtainable items#Master{{!}}エクセレント|74|116|no|8=no}} || ''Excellent''
Other item names appearmay onwardsalso frombe (0x4A92)seen if another index before 196 (the namesfirst of HMsHM) andis TMsused, appearingmanifesting as glitch items. WhereasSome someof glitchthese itemsmay have invalid names, while others may appear with names such as the name of the player's rival.<ref>[ Glitch City Laboratories ItemDex project]</ref>
{{Items by index number}}<br>