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Amber later wakes up on top of the wreckage of the Submarine Explorer 1 and worries about when his leader betrayed him, but shrugs it off as him mistaking Archie's words and sets off to help his fellow Aqua Admins battle the Gym Leaders. He later battles [[Wattson]] and his Manectric with his own Pelipper, but Manectric manages to defeat his Pelipper. With no Pokémon to continue battling with, Amber borrows a Nincada from Shelly and evolves it into a Ninjask, which battles Wattson's Manectric. But like his Pelipper, it is defeated. However, he manages to defeat Wattson when he reveals that his Nincada did not evolve into one Pokémon, but two; he knocks Wattson out with his Shedinja, causing the Gym Leader and his Pokémon to fall off a rock and into the bottom of the ocean.
He is last seen hiding from Winona and Flannery, having secretly sent a Black Box to them to that shows the location of the Team Aqua Hideout. This suggests that his boss's actions have caused him to have change of heart. His fate after that is unknown.
This listing is of Amber's Pokémon in the ''[[Pokémon Adventures]]'' manga.
Pelipper's known moves are {{m|Hydro Pump}}, {{m|Stockpile}}, {{m|Swallow}}, and {{m|Spit Up}}, and its Ability is {{a|Keen Eye}}.}}
===Left at the [[Seafloor Cavern]]==={{TrainerPoké
<!--|img=Amber Gorebyss Adventures.png-->
|desc={{p|Gorebyss}} was first used to destroy the illusions that [[Blaise]] created with his {{p|Slugma}}.
None of Gorebyss's moves are known.}}
===Left at the [[Seafloor Cavern]]===
* Amber only appears in the ''Pokémon Adventures'' manga, a character created solely for the series. Similarly, [[Team Magma]] also has an {{tc|Magma Admin|Admin}} [[Blaise|who is exclusive to the manga]].
* Due to [[|Coronis]]'s translation of the manga, he is also popularly known as '''Sean''' or '''Scott''' in the fan community, as Coronis is fond of inventing Western names for manga-only characters who at that point, lacked English names.