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Robert (Hoenn)

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[[File:Robert Ribbon Cup.png|thumb|170px200px|Robert's Ribbon Cup]]
===[[Hoenn]] Ribbons===
*This listing is of the [[Slateport CityRibbon]]s Robert has obtained in the [[RibbonHoenn]] (''[[AG035|Win, Lose or Drew!region]]''):
* Four{{ci|Slateport}} unknown [[Ribbon]]s (prior to ''[[AG121AG035|HiWin, HoLose Silveror WindDrew!]]'')
* Four unknown Ribbons (prior to ''[[AG121|Hi Ho Silver Wind!]]'')
===[[Grand Festival]] ranking===
Robert has competed in the following [[Grand Festival]]s:
* [[Hoenn Grand Festival]] - Winner (''[[AG123|Rhapsody in Drew]]'')
==Voice actors==
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|ja=小西克幸 ''[[Katsuyuki Konishi]]''
|en=[[Sean Schemmel]]