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Version history
! style="background: #{{x color light}}; text-align:center; {{roundytr|5px}}" | More information
|- style="background:#FFF"
| style="background:#FFF; text-align:center" rowspan="1" | 1.0
| style="background:#FFF; text-align:center" rowspan="1" | October 12, 2013
| N/A
| Initial release
|- style="background:#FFF"
| style="background:#FFF; text-align:center" rowspan="2" | 1.1
| style="background:#FFF; text-align:center" rowspan="2" | October 25, 2013
* ''Prevents the occurrence of a rare issue in which players are unable to resume playing after [[saving]] their game in certain areas of [[Lumiose City]]. [[ More info]] Players already affected by this issue will also be able to resume playing normally after downloading and installing this update data.''
* ''Prevents errors which sometimes occur when using certain functions of the [[GTS]] (a feature allowing players all around the world to exchange Pokémon).''
| Fix for the [[List of glitches in Generation VI#GTS filter error|GTS filter error]].
|- style="background: #FFF"
| style="background:#FFF; text-align:center" rowspan="3" | 1.2
| style="background:#FFF; text-align:center" rowspan="3" | December 12, 2013
| style="background:#FFF" |
* ''Fixes an occasional bug causing Pokémon not to learn new moves after evolving through Wonder Trade.''
| style="background:#FFF" | Fix for the [[List of glitches in Generation VI#Wonder Trade evolution learnset glitch|Wonder Trade evolution learnset glitch]].
* ''Fixes an occasional bug where certain captions for Trainer PR Videos were not unlocked in Lumiose City.''
| Fix for the [[List of glitches in Generation VI#Trainer PR Videos glitch|Trainer PR Videos glitch]].
|- style="background: #FFF"
| style="background: #FFF" |
* ''Updates an Internet communication issue.''
| style="background: #FFF" | Encrypts battling and trading communications. This prevents the use of [[cheating]] programs such as Instacheck and Battle Analyzer, which intercept online traffic and read information such as Pokémon data and the opponent's decisions. As such, this patch is required to connect to the [[Nintendo Network]] in-game (unlike the previous patch).
|- style="background: #FFF"
| style="background:#FFF; text-align:center" rowspan="4" | 1.3
| style="background:#FFF; text-align:center" rowspan="4" | October 26, 2014
| style="background: #FFF" |
* ''General bug fixes''
* ''Adjustments have been made to make a more fun gaming experience.''
| style="background:#FFF; {{roundybr|5px}}" | Changes Poké Ball animation to a different style.
| style="background: #FFF; text-align:center; {{roundybl|5px}}" | 1.4
| style="background: #FFF; text-align:center" | April 1, 2015
| style="background: #FFF" |
* ''Adjustments have been made for an improved gaming experience.''
| style="background: #FFF; {{roundybr|5px}}" |