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Quickly, Oshawott grabs the scalchop on its belly and sticks it out - the SolarBeam now hits the scalchop, the force of the impact so strong that Oshawott is sent backwards into the rocks - Oshawott angles its scalchop, and the SolarBeam deflects upwards, its power now returned to the sky. The crowd stares in disbelief; the cheerleaders, and the three Gym Leaders themselves gasp in awe as they witness the remarkable feat performed by the Sea Otter Pokémon, while {{an|Iris}}, from a distance, silently supports its achievement.
{{an|Cilan}}, his opponent, is full of praise for Oshawott, but nevertheless Ash is not completely overout of the moonwoods - he still has to finish the battle. Pansage starts off with a flurry of {{m|Bullet Seed}} attacks, but Oshawott once again deflects them with ease, its scalchop acting as a shield. Confident, Ash commands Oshawott to use {{m|Razor Shell}}.
Oshawott readies its scalchop - it glows blue for a while, before Oshawott jumps up and prepares to strike Pansage. However, the Grass Monkey Pokémon does not let that happen. Quickly, it fires another flurry of Bullet Seeds at Oshawott in mid-air, and Oshawott, once confident, now falls into panic and disarray. As the {{t|Water}} Pokémon struggles, it loses its grip on its sea-shell shaped appendage, and the scalchop flies to the edge of the field, propelled by the momentum of the incoming Bullet Seed.