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Team Aqua's Grimer (Double Crisis 7)

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|cardname=Team Aqua's Grimer
|trainer=Team Aqua
{{PokémoncardInfobox/Expansion|type=Psychic|class=Aqua|expansion={{TCG|Double Crisis}}|rarity={{rar|Common}}|cardno=7/34|jpexpansion={{TCG|Magma Gang VS Aqua Gang: Double Crisis}}|jprarity={{rar|C}}|jpcardno=007/034}}
'''Team Aqua's Grimer''' (Japanese: '''アクア団のベトベター''' ''Aqua Gang's Betbeter'') is a {{ct|Psychic}} Basic Pokémon card. It is part of the {{TCG|Magma Gang VS Aqua Gang: Double Crisis}} subset.
==Card text==
|transdexdex=WhileIts raiding theflexible rival's hideoutbody, itswhich flexibleallows bodyit thatto cansqueeze enterinto any kindcracks, comes in ofhandy openingwhen isinvading quiteenemy usefulhideouts.
|jdex=どんな 隙間でも 入り込める 柔軟な 体は 敵の アジトに 侵入するときに 役立つぜ。
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