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Intro: correct me if I'm wrong here
'''Agnol''' (Japanese: '''ゾルダン''' ''Soldan'') is the last {{pkmn|Trainer}} in the [[Deep Colosseum]]. [[Wes]] will receive e-mails regularly from [[Nett]] on his [[P★DA]] about him after each completed stage of the Deep Colosseum challenge until the fifth time when he finally faces him. He is the only character in the games to have the [[Trainer class]] '''Deep King''' (Japanese: '''ボトムキング''' ''Bottom King'').
Agnol's strategy revolves around using dual-[[type]]s with as few weaknesses as possible. Each of his non-Shadow Pokémon had unique type combinations in Generation III. He also owns the highest-levelled Pokémon that can be fought anywhere in Story Mode, a Kingdra at Level 70.
Just like the {{tc|Cipher Admin}}s, he may be fought multiple times in the event that his {{p|Shuckle}} is [[snagging|snagged]] or missed. However, the Shuckle is not replaced by another Pokémon after being snagged like most [[Shadow Pokémon]].