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Argus first appeared tracking Diancie's quest to find {{mov|Xerneas|Xerneas|17}} and acquire the {{a|Fairy Aura}} from his airship. He andwas also seen tracking down the actions of his daughterrivals, attacked[[Marilyn DiancieFlame]] onceand it[[Ninja hadRiot]]. accomplishedHe itswas goal,satisfied hopingwith tothe useprogress itsbut newfoundalso powerworried ofthat diamondMarilyn creationand toRiot acquiremay aget fortuneto it first. TheyWhen lostMillis possessionarrived, ofArgus Dianciewas duringshown {{mov|Yveltal|Yveltal|17}}'swith a box of rampagechocolates, and whentalked theyto usedhis Argus'sdaughter shipabout tohow attackgood Yveltalthe withchocolates missiles,he werehad killedwere. TheyHe werewas latershown revivedeating byseveral Xerneas afterof the crisischocolates, hadwhich worried endedMillis.
InHe theand creditshis daughter attacked Diancie once it had accomplished its goal, hoping to use its newfound power of thediamond moviecreation to acquire a fortune. He, Argusalong openswith hisMillis, ownchased chocolateafter shopDiancie thatand also fought with Marilyn and Riot when they appeared. They took their fighting into a deep pit with shallow water, which contained Yveltal. Argus was surprised when he operatesfelt a strange power awaken. They lost possession of Diancie during {{mov|Yveltal|Yveltal|17}}'s rampage, and when they used Argus's ship to attack Yveltal with Millismissiles, were killed. Their ship was also destroyed and crashed into a lake. They were later revived by Xerneas after the crisis had ended.
In the credits of the movie, Argus opens his own chocolate shop that he operates with Millis. He is also shown to still have an irresistible obsession with chocolates, as despite Millis trying to stop him, he eats a piece.
Argus is shown to be a very stealthy man who relies on sneaky tactics in order to accomplish his goals. This is shown owns ana stealthy airship he uses to travel the world in search of treasures. He isuses alsothis ship to stealthily track down his targets and steal anything he desires to obtain a fortune. Argus further shows his preferred fonduse of eatingstealthy chocolatetactics as he relied on his Honedge to spy on Diancie, aand also tracked down the activity of Marilyn and Riot from habitwithin his daughterairship. teasesArgus himalso foronly attacked Diancie once she had accomplished her goal, and appeared at surprise along with Millis to capture it.
Argus is shown to have a sweet tooth, as he has an obsession with eating chocolate. This is shown as when he is spying on Diancie and his rivals, he is holding a box of chocolate and eating much of it. This behavior often worries his daughter Millis, but despite her claims of concern over his health, Argus continues to eat chocolate. He also often talks about the individual chocolates he eats, such as their origins, and what they are made of. His obsession with chocolate also causes him to open and run a chocolate shop at the end of the movie, which he operates along with Millis.