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Emerald's Sceptile

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With Emerald
Sceptile was put into the Battle Factory, where he was eventually found by Emerald in his battle against {{FB|Factory Head|Noland}}. Immediately upon being sent out, Sceptile went on a rampage, and began attacking Emerald. Emerald manages to calm Sceptile down with his E Shooter, bringing it back under his control. Emerald proceeded to use Sceptile to beat Noland's {{p|Golem}}, and after some trouble, his {{p|Glalie}} as well. Later, Emerald decided to keep Sceptile, as he finds out that it was level 51, indicating that it's not a rental Pokémon, which are supposed to be level 50.
[[File:Emerald Mega Sceptile.png|thumb|left|As Mega Sceptile]]
During his run in the Battle Pyramid, Emerald used Sceptile in his battle against {{FB|Pyramid King|Brandon}}, where it faced his {{p|Regirock}}. Sceptile managed to get the upper hand by absorbing Regirock's health with {{m|Leech Seed}}, but was greatly damaged by an {{m|Explosion}}. When Emerald's other Pokémon are defeated, Sceptile is used to defeat Brandon's {{p|Regice}} with a super effective {{m|Iron Tail}}. When Brandon asks how Sceptile came back, Emerald revealed that he used a Revive on Sceptile when Brandon got distracted.
During Emerald's challenge of the Battle Arena, Sceptile was used to battle {{FB|Arena Tycoon|Greta}}'s {{p|Heracross}}. The battle lasted three turns and had the result determined by score, which had Heracross named the victor.
During the Battle Dome challenge, Sceptile is used to advance Emerald throughout the tournament. Eventually, it goes up against {{adv|Ruby}}'s [[Feefee]] in the semifinal round. Although frozen by a powerful {{m|Blizzard}}, Sceptile manages to regain its lost memories, giving it the strength to break through its icy prison and defeat Feefee, giving Emerald the win. With its memories returned, Sceptile began attacking {{adv|Ruby}}, as he was furious over when Ruby called [[Mumu]] better than it in terms of appearance.
After losing to Tucker, Emerald challenged the Battle Palace next. When Emerald learns that [[Guile Hideout]] had captured {{p|Jirachi}}, Emerald left Sceptile, {{p|Sudowoodo}}, and {{p|Dusclops}} to battle Spenser by themselves while he went to face Guile. Later, {{p|Latios}} returns Emerald's Pokémon, along with the Spirits Symbol they had won in the battle.