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Actually, if you look at the map that shows movie locations, Samiya is segmented off, so it's not clear exactly where it is relative to the rest of the map.
During the events of ''[[M09|Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea]]'', the temple started to sink when [[The Phantom|Phantom]] pulled crystals out of the Sea Crown. Fortunately, it returned to normal after the crystals were placed back in the Sea Crown.
Official maps ofDuring the [[Pokémon world]] clearly show it being located near [[Kanto]]movie, but during the movie it is actuallylocated south of [[Cherrygrove City]], which is situated in the [[Johto]] region. However, considering how the movie statesbut thatbecause it moves with the current, thatit coulddoes just as easilynot have beena the currentfixed location of it.
==In the TCG==