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:Well then clearly you misinterpreted the bold. Because there were so many posts on the subject already, I figured bold would make it easier to read mine and that was my only intention. Also, I disagree with your intrepretatino of the rule of editing other people's posts regarding site moderators such as yourself. You can't expect to enforce a rule and not have to obey it yourself. I saw no where on the site that making text <b>bold</b> was in violation of any policy and until you show me where it says as such, I will put it back as bold. And so far, you're only one person who doesn't like it. One person doesn't make it law. [[User:DarienLeonhart|DarienLeonhart]] ([[User talk:DarienLeonhart|talk]]) 02:09, 4 March 2015 (UTC)
::I agree with Pokemaster97, the bolding is unnecessary. Just because there are a lot of posts on the subject, doesn't mean your comment will be difficult to read. Bolding just makes the post rude. Also, it is our duty as staff to make sure discussions are progressing in a civil manner. If we feel that a post is uncivil, we have every right to either edit it or remove it entirely.--[[User:Force Fire|<span style="color:#AB2813">'''F'''</span><span style="color:#C87365">orce</span>]][[User talk:Force Fire|<span style="color:#26649C">'''F'''</span><span style="color:#729ABF">ire</span>]] 04:23, 4 March 2015 (UTC)
:::And I still disagree. I do not view bold type as rude and I will use bold type when I see fit until I am shown where it says bold type is not permitted on talk pages. If you or any site moderator can't show proof of your claims regarding bold type, then leave my posts alone as you have no claim for your basis except a personal belief. [[User:DarienLeonhart|DarienLeonhart]] ([[User talk:DarienLeonhart|talk]]) 04:28, 4 March 2015 (UTC)