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Stance Change (Ability)

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The Ability activates prior to and independently of any checks for status conditions that may stop the execution of the user's attack, such as {{status|sleep}} or {{status|confusion}}.
Stance Change cannot be {{a|Trace}}d, copied with {{m|Role Play}}, suppressed with {{m|Gastro Acid}}, or replaced with {{m|Simple Beam}}, {{m|Worry Seed}}, {{m|Entrainment}}, or {{m|Skill Swap}}, or {{a|Mummy}}. If a Pokémon other than Aegislash obtains Stance Change with {{a|Imposter}} or {{m|Transform}}, the Pokémon will not change Formes. In addition, Stance Change is unaffected by {{a|Mummy}}.
===Outside of battle===