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Don George announces the next Semi-Finals match, between {{Ash}} and [[Montgomery]]. {{AP|Scraggy}} tries to use {{m|Leer}} on {{p|Throh}}, who however terrifies him by glaring. Scraggy runs back to Ash as Throh makes a gesture, telling him to come closer. Scraggy fires several {{m|Focus Blast}}s that miss, as Throh remains still. Throh moves towards Scraggy to use {{m|Superpower}} and Scraggy tries to fight back with {{m|Hi Jump Kick}}, but is lured into Throh's {{m|Circle Throw}}. Scraggy uses {{m|Headbutt}} on Throh but it does little damage, allowing him to use Superpower and throw Scraggy again. Scraggy fails to land another Focus Blast and Throh finishes him off with a {{m|Seismic Toss}}, allowing Montgomery to move to the finals with Stephan. During a lunch break, Bianca rubs Sawk's arm and admires him before hugging him. Stephan and Sawk are served an easily digestible meal, as they chow down quickly. During their lunch break, the group realizes that Throh is hiding another attack from them, and presume that it will not be used until the finals.
As the final tournament battle is about to begin, Stephan and Montgomery enter the stadium with their Pokémon. Sawk begins with {{m|Low Sweep}} but Throh uses Circle Throw to throw him to the ground with Sawk able to land on his feet and avoid damage. Sawk tries to use Karate Chop on Throh but is grabbed while Throh is on his knees, and Throh uses Circle Throw on him again. Throh grabs Sawk with {{m|Bind}} and takes him to the ground. Sawk uses Bulk Up, and then Close Combat to escape Bind. Sawk's next Low Sweep hits its mark, but Throh uses Superpower to throw him to the ground. Throh tries to hit Sawk when he is on the ground, but Sawk dodges the attack. The audience claps and cheers with excitement and Burgundy is jealous of Cilan's battle evaluation skills. Sawk bulks up but Throh grabs him and brings him into the air to do a Seismic Toss. Sawk is able to slip out of Throh's grip but they both hit the ground hard. Stephan as well as Ash and his friends yell for Sawk to get up. Both Throh and Sawk have trouble getting up. Throh moves in to finish off Sawk with Bind, but Sawk uses Close Combat. Sawk respectfully bows to Throh and walks away as Throh [[Fainting|faints]] from exhaustion.
Stephan and Sawk hug each other after their victory. Stephan and Sawk acknowledge the crowd after they are announced as the winners of the championship. Montgomery respectfully shakes Stephan's hand to congratulate him on the win. Stephan is handed the sign with the year's supply of vitamins and he shows it to everyone in the stands. Don George tells the crowd to give a big round of applause to Stephan, who is furious due to the mispronunciations. Ash and {{ashfr}} say their goodbyes to their rivals and head off to [[Icirrus City]]. To finish off the episode, [[Breaking the fourth wall|the narrator mispronounces Stephan's name which makes him mad]].