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Clemont (anime)

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* Clemont is the first male [[Gym Leader]] who joins Ash's {{Ashfr|travelling group}} who is not encountered as the first Gym Leader in the games in which he appears.
** He is also the first of Ash's Gym Leader companions to not have his signature Pokémon at hand during their journey, his Heliolisk being left back at the Gym under the Clembot's ownership.
*** In addition, he is the only gym leader to become one of Ash's traveling companioncompanions BEFORE their gymGym battleBattle took place.
* Clemont is the first main character besides {{Ash}} who has an {{type|Electric}} Pokémon capable of evolving.
* It was indicated in ''[[XY047|Dreaming a Performer's Dream!]]'' that Clemont may be {{wp|Myopia|near-sighted}}.