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Zekrom-EX (Next Destinies 51)

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{{PokémoncardInfobox |
|cardname=Zekrom |
|jname=ゼクロムEX |
|jtrans=ZekromEX |
|image=ZekromEXNextDestinies51.jpg |
|caption=Regular print<br>Illus. [[Shizurow]] |
|reprints=2 |
|reprint1=ZekromEXNextDestinies97.jpg |
|recaption1={{TCG|Full Art card|Full Art}} print<br>Illus. [[5ban Graphics]] |
|species=Zekrom |
|evostage=Basic |
|type=Lightning |
|hp=180 |
|weakness=Fighting |
|retreatcost=3 |
|class=EX |
{{PokémoncardInfobox/Expansion|type=Lightning|expansion={{TCG|Next Destinies}}|rarity={{rar|Rare Holo ex}}|cardno=51/99|jpdeck={{TCG|Zekrom-EX Battle Strength Deck}}|jpcardno=009/018}}
{{PokémoncardInfobox/Expansion|type=Lightning|expansion={{TCG|Next Destinies}}|rarity={{rar|SuperRareRare HoloUltra}}|cardno=97/99|jpexpansion={{TCG|BW-P Promotional cards}}|jpcardno=159/BW-P}}
{{PokémoncardInfobox/Expansion|type=Lightning|expansion={{TCG|BW Black Star Promos}}|cardno=BW38}}
{{PokémoncardInfobox/Expansion|type=Lightning|expansion={{TCG|Legendary Treasures}}|rarity={{rar|Rare Holo ex}}|cardno=52/113|jpexpansion={{TCG|EX Battle Boost}}|jpcardno=044/093}}
'''Zekrom{{EX}}''' (Japanese: '''ゼクロム EX''' ''Zekrom EX'') is a {{ct|Lightning}} Basic {{TCG|Pokémon-EX}} card. It iswas first released as part of the {{TCG|Next Destinies}} expansion.
==Card text==
{{TCGAttack Cardtext/Header|type=Lightning}}
type=Lightning |{{Cardtext/Attack
class=EX |type=Lightning
position|cost=Top {{e|Lightning}}{{e|Colorless}}{{e|Colorless}}
cost|name={{e|Lightning}}{{e|Colorless}}{{e|Colorless}}Glinting |Claw
name=Glinting Claw |jname=かがやくツメ
jname|jtrans=かがやくツメShining |Claw
jtrans=Shining Claw |damage=50+
damage|effect=50+Flip |a coin. If heads, this attack does 30 more damage.
effect=Flip a coin. If heads, this attack does 30 more damage. |
{{TCGAttack |Cardtext/Attack
|type=Lightning |
class|cost=EX {{e|Lightning}}{{e|Lightning}}{{e|Colorless}}{{e|Colorless}}
position|name=MiddleStrong |Volt
cost|jname={{e|Lightning}}{{e|Lightning}}{{e|Colorless}}{{e|Colorless}} |ストロングボルト
name|jtrans=Strong Volt |Bolt
jname=ストロングボルト |damage=150
jtrans|effect=StrongDiscard Bolt2 |Energy attached to this Pokémon.
damage=150 |
effect=Discard 2 Energy attached to this Pokémon. |
{{TCGNote |Cardtext/EX
note=EX |type=Lightning
type=Lightning |ndex=644
position=Bottom |
ndex=644 |
==Release information==
This card was released as both a Regular card and a {{TCG|Full Art card}} in the {{TCG|Next Destinies}} expansion. In Japan, it was released as a regularRegular card in the {{TCG|Zekrom-EX Battle Strength Deck}}. The Regular print features artwork by [[Shizurow]], while the Full Art print features artwork by [[5ban Graphics]]. ThisThe cardRegular print was printed as a Cosmos Holofoil for the {{TCGMerch|Black & White|Series|EX Tins}}. The Full Art print was later released as a {{TCG|BW-P Promotional cards|BW-P Promotional card}} in Japan on August 3, 2012 in the {{TCGMerch|BW|Era|Premium Holo Card Special Pack Zekrom}}. The Regular print was reprinted in the English {{TCG|Legendary Treasures}} expansion, first originating from the Japanese {{TCG|EX Battle Boost}}.
{{TCGGallery |
|type=Lightning |
|class=EX |
|image1=ZekromEXNextDestinies51.jpg |
|caption1={{TCG|Next Destinies}} Regular print<br>Illus. [[Shizurow]] |
|image2=ZekromEXNextDestinies97.jpg |
|caption2={{TCG|Full Art card|Full Art}} print<br>Illus. [[5ban Graphics]] |
|image3=ZekromEXLegendaryTreasures52.jpg |
|set3=Legendary Treasures |
|illus3=Shizurow |
[[Category:Illus. by 5ban Graphics]]
[[Category:Holographic cards]]
[[Category:Full Art cards]]
[[de:Zekrom-EX (Kommende Schicksale 51)]]
[[fr:Zekrom-EX (Promo BW 38)]]
[[it:Zekrom EX (Destini Futuri 51)]]