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List of clothing in the anime

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Formal clothes: Added the top hat to Dawn's Turtwig fantasy.
====Formal clothes====
Formal clothes are a key part of Dawn's wardrobe, since she dresses up nicely for all her [[Pokémon Contest]]s.
* In her [[DP001|debut appearance]], she was shown to be wearing three different formal outfits when imagining herself in Contests with each of the Sinnoh starters. In her Chimchar fantasy, she was seen wearing a red dress; and in the Turtwig fantasy she was wearing a lavender suit with a top hat; and in the Piplup fantasy, she was wearing a light green dress.
* She frequently wears a pink dress during her Contests. In the [[Floaroma Town]] Contest, she decorated her dress with flowers, presumably to fit the town's flowery theme. In the [[Hearthome City]] Contest, she added a yellow Ribbon around her waist and her hair barrettes were star-shaped. The yellow Ribbon was also seen in the [[Wallace Cup]]. In the first round of the [[Celestic Town]] Contest, she decorated her dress with fluffy fur, similar to {{TP|Dawn|Buneary}}'s. In the [[Lilypad Town]] Contest, she again wore her yellow Ribbon with long white gloves. In the [[Daybreak Town]] Contest, she wears short white gloves, with one red Ribbon in each one, and her shoes have one yellow rose in each. Opening and ending themes show her in different dresses, but she has never worn them in Contests.
* In ''[[M10|The Rise of Darkrai]]'', Dawn wore a pink outfit for the [[Alamos Town]] Contest.