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The episode opens with {{an|Dawn}} {{pkmn|training}} with {{TP|Dawn|Pachirisu}} before her next {{pkmn|Contest}}. As Pachirisu uses {{m|Discharge}}, {{Ash}} comments on Pachirisu, saying its moves have gained a great deal of [[power]] thanks to {{AP|Pikachu}}'s advice. Pachirisu gets tired from the training, and Dawn begins to hand out [[Poffin]]s to her Pokémon, when {{TP|Dawn|Mamoswine}} charges at her, sending her flying into the air, along with the Poffins. {{cat|Dawn's Pokémon|Her Pokémon}} manage to safely catch her, while Mamoswine catches the Poffins in its mouth and walks off, scratching its rear before falling asleep. The Pokémon become saddened by the loss of food, but Dawn reassures them she will make more. At that moment, Pachirisu notices there was a Poffin Mamoswine didn't eat, and rushes over to grab it, when a {{p|Gabite}} stomps on the Poffin, infuriating Pachirisu. Suddenly, a young peach-haired lady walks in, calling to the Gabite, while {{TRT}} watch from atop a building. [[Jessie]] comments she recognizes the girl, and tries to put a name to her.
Meanwhile, Dawn rushes over and tries to stop Pachirisu, attempting to hold it down, but Pachirisu leaps up, causing Dawn to fall and lands on her head. Pachirisu leaps again, using its newly learned move: {{m|Super Fang}} on Gabite, but Gabite blocks with its fin. Brock explains Pachirisu must have just learned Super Fang from losing the Poffin, and Dawn grabs hold of Pachirisu, trying to calm it down. This only makes things worse as Pachirisu uses Discharge on her, causing her to fall to the ground again. The young lady comments that Pachirisu must not have been raised well, and Ash scans Gabite with the [[Pokédex]]. The young lady wonders what's wrong with Pachirisu, and Dawn tells her to look under Gabite's foot. She does, and is horrified that her Gabite has been soiled by the Poffin. Ash explains that the Poffin is Pachirisu's favorite {{pkmn|food}}, and it was aggravated by Gabite for stepping on it. The young lady says she can fix it and hands Pachirisu one of her own Poffins. Pachirisu sniffs it, and quickly refuses it, the young lady offended by Pachirisu's actions. At that moment, the young lady looks to {{TP|Dawn|Piplup}} and asks if Dawn was in the [[Wallace Cup]]. Dawn explains she [[DP079|won]], and the young lady mockingly says she was sure it was an accident Dawn won, shocking the group. Dawn asks if the young lady was in the Wallace Cup to, and she replies yes, and gives her name: [[Ursula]], and explains she lost in the first round. At this point, Jessie remembers Ursula, explaining to [[James]] and {{MTR}} what Ursula just told Ash, Dawn and Brock. Ursula then comments on how Dawn's win at the Wallace Cup was a fluke, and also explains it pushed her to work a lot harder. She says to Ash, after he tells Ursula Dawn's skills won her the Wallace Cup, "You're right! Thanks to her I started working doubly hard, to become a better, more beautiful, more graceful {{pkmn|Coordinator}}. You know I should thank you for defeating me Dawn, because of you I am where I am today!" and lets out a sinister laugh. Ash and Brock are curious as to why Ursula won't let her loss go. She continues to patronize Dawn, until Dawn finally cuts her off, saying they'll settle it at the Contest. Ursula leaves, letting out a sinister laugh for the second time.