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Advanced Generation series
===Advanced Generation series===
Glalie was first seen in ''[[AG108|Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt!]]'', on [[Izabe Island]] as a Snorunt. It followed Ash and the gang through the snow to the [[Pokémon Center]], where it began to cause trouble and stole Ash's Badge case. Once Ash, {{AP|Pikachu}} and {{AP|Corphish}} cornered it, Snorunt froze Ash's {{Badge|Stone}}, threw it into the air and escaped with the rest of the Badges using {{m|Double Team}}. Snorunt then started dropping the Badges one by one to make its "game" more interesting. After a small meeting with Team Rocket, it froze Ash with {{m|Icy Wind}} and left the Center through the window into an oncoming snowstorm. Ash follows it and they end up lost in the snow. After Ash got knocked unconscious by protecting it from a small avalanche, Snorunt took ithim to a cave, safe from the blizzard. After Ash awakes, Snorunt hands ithim some apples and while Ash begins to trust the mischievous Pokémon, Snorunt runs off into the blizzard with his hat. It takes the hat back to the Pokémon Center and then leads the gang to where Ash is. Reunited, the gang scold Snorunt and ask for the other Badges; however they are interrupted by Team Rocket when they capture Snorunt and Pikachu. Snorunt quickly escaped and saved Pikachu, before battling Team Rocket's Pokémon. Later on, Snorunt still refused to return the Badge case, so Ash battled it and subsequently caught it. It was introduced to the gang's other Pokémon at the end of the episode where heit continued to prank everyone.
In the next episode, ''[[AG109|Do I Hear a Ralts?]]'', Snorunt joined Max in his effort to get an unwell Ralts to a Pokémon Center.
[[File:Ash Snorunt.png|200px|thumb|left|As a {{p|Snorunt}}]]
In ''[[AG110|The Great Eight Fate!]]'' Ash chose PikachuSnorunt as well hasas his Pikachu as his first two Pokémon in a [[Double Battle]] in the first round of the [[Sootopolis Gym]] battle,; they went up against [[Juan]]'s {{p|Sealeo}} and {{p|Seaking}}. Pikachu used his {{m|Thunderbolt}} on Sealeo but Seaking used {{m|Horn Drill}} to reflect it back to Snorunt. Pikachu then used {{m|Thunder}}, but Seaking used Horn Drill against to reflect the attack to Snorunt again but this time Pikachu protected Snorunt taking most of the damage. Sealeo then used {{m|Blizzard}} on the two, Pikachu took a lot of damage but Snorunt barely felt the attack being part {{type|Ice}} and jumped around happily. Snorunt then used its Icy Wind to stop the Blizzard creating an Ice Pillar blocking everyone's view but Sealeo and Seaking destroyed it with their {{m|Aurora Beam}} and {{m|Hyper Beam}} respectively, this created ice shards which Ash had Snorunt and Pikachu jump on, Snorunt used {{m|Headbutt}} whilst Pikachu used {{m|Iron Tail}}, Seaking then used Hyper Beam on Snorunt and Sealeo used Aurora Beam on Pikachu, whilst Pikachu was able to dodge the attack, Snorunt wasn't and the Hyper Beam knocked it out.
In ''[[AG114|Date Expectations!]]'', Ash began trying to teach it {{m|Ice Beam}}. While learning the new move, Snorunt ended up freezing people multiple times, including its Trainer and {{OBP|Anthony|AG122}}. Finally in ''[[AG123|Rhapsody in Drew]]'', {{Ho|Robert}} gave it some words of advice on how to focus the attack while battling Team Rocket during the Grand Festival, Snorunt then evolves into {{p|Glalie}} and sends them blasting off with its newly mastered Ice Beam.