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[[File:ORAS PokéNav Plus artwork.png|thumb|{{ga|Brendan}} using the PokéNav Plus]]
[[File:ORAS PokéNav Plus.png|thumb|150px|The PokéNav Plus]]
A '''Pokémon Navigator Plus''', more often referred to as '''PokéNav Plus''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンマルチナビ''' ''Pokémon Multi-Navi''), is an electronic device found in [[Hoenn]] and an enhanced version of the [[PokéNav]] from [[Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions|Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire]], and {{v2|Emerald}}. It was produced by the [[Devon Corporation]] under the orders of [[Mr. Stone]].
In [[Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire]], the PokéNav Plus is in the possession of the playeraccessible from the start of the game and is found on the touch screen. Similar devices are the [[Pokégear]], the [[Pokétch]], the [[C-Gear]], and the [[Holo Caster]].
The '''AreaNav''' (Japanese: '''マップナビ''' ''Map-Navi'') is an application for the PokéNav Plus that combines the Map and Trainer's Eyes functions of the original PokéNav along with several other useful features. This is the only app the player starts out with.
When the AreaNav's windowed mode is being viewed, if the player enters an area where a rematchable Trainer is ready to battle, where a [[Secret Base]] is located, or where a [[Berry]] plant is ready for harvest, a corresponding icon ( [[File:AreaNav Trainer notification.png|20px]], [[File:AreaNav Secret Base notification.png|20px]], or [[File:AreaNav Berry notification.png|20px]] ) will appear along the top of the AreaNav's window. If the icon is tapped, the AreaNav will open the appropriate tab in fullscreen mode. If the player is viewing a different PokéNav Plus app when such an area is entered, the icon will appear on the AreaNav's tab on the right.
In locations with multiple areas, these icons only appear if the player is currently in the area where the battle-ready Trainer, Secret Base, or harvestable Berry plant is located. For instance, on {{rt|104|Hoenn}}, {{tc|Rich Boy}} Winston and {{tc|Lady}} Cindy can both rematch the player, but they are on different parts of the route. So if only Lady Cindy is ready for a battle, no icon will appear when the player is in the south portion of Route 104 where Rich Boy Winston is.
{{main|List of Trainer's Eye Trainers}}
The Trainers tab provides Trainer's Eye functionality similar to the original PokéNav's. If a location has any registered Trainers, it will be marked by dots across the location. Only specific Trainers can be registered, and in order to register them, the player must defeat them. If any registered Trainers are ready to battle the player again, the dots will be white.
This tab becomes available once the player has defeated the first rematchable Trainer ({{tc|Youngster}} Calvin on {{rt|102|Hoenn}}).
=====Trainer's Eye Trainers=====
{| class="roundy sortable" style="margin:auto; background: #73B1B7; border: 3px solid #7A8B8B"
! Trainer
! Location
! Strategy
! Favorite Pokémon
! Trainer Message
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Twins}} Amy & Liv
| {{rt|103|Hoenn}}
| We battle together!
| We train them together!
| We like the same kinds of Pokémon, but not the same kinds of dessert.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Teammates}} Anna & Meg
| {{rt|117|Hoenn}}
| We talk it over together first.
| Pokémon that we both like.
| We are in different grades, but we're teammates in our Pokémon Club!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Free Diver}} Arzu
| {{rt|124|Hoenn}}
| It's all about endurance!
| {{p|Relicanth}} is cute, isn't it?
| Drifting in the water is as comfy to me as lying in a soft bed.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Triathlete}} Benjamin
| {{rt|110|Hoenn}}
| Never let up on the pressure!
| They'll show you the strength of Steel.
| If you're sweating, be sure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Kindler}} Bernie
| {{rt|114|Hoenn}}
| Burn it all down!
| Pokémon that'll leave a {{status|burn}}!
| When you light a campfire, remember to have some water at the ready.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Bug Maniac}} Brandon
| {{rt|120|Hoenn}}
| Attack in waves!
| {{t|Bug}}-type Pokémon are cool.
| I go into the forest every day to catch more Bug-type Pokémon...
|- style="background:#fff"
| [[Gym Leader|Leader]] [[Brawly]]
| [[Dewford Town]]
| Direct physical action!
| Fighting Pokémon rule!
| The world awaits me as the next big wave in training!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Ace Trainer}} Brooke
| {{rt|111|Hoenn}}
| Exploit the opponent's weakness.
| Balance is crucial.
| My goal is to become the {{pkmn|Champion}}. I won't ever give up!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Youngster}} Calvin
| {{rt|102|Hoenn}}
| I do what I can!
| I use different types.
| I'm going to keep working hard until I can beat the [[Gym Leader]]!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Psychic}} Cameron
| {{rt|123|Hoenn}}
| Daze and confuse!
| Ones with weird powers.
| I can see through everything you're thinking.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Pokémon Ranger}} Catherine
| {{rt|119|Hoenn}}
| I believe in my Pokémon.
| I like strong Pokémon.
| I'm doing drills with my Pokémon to prepare for any emergency.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Lady}} Cindy
| {{rt|104|Hoenn}}
| Anything to win, right?
| The gorgeous type!
| I have a pool at home that is just for my Pokémon's use.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Battle Girl}} Cyndy
| {{rt|115|Hoenn}}
| The first strike wins!
| Speedy Fighting types.
| If my Pokémon lose, I'll carry on the fight myself!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Guitarist}} Dalton
| {{rt|118|Hoenn}}
| I'll electrify you!
| They'll show you electricity's power!
| I want to make people cry with the melody of my heart.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Picnicker}} Diana
| [[Jagged Pass]]
| I think about this and that.
| I like all Pokémon.
| What do you think lies beyond that hill yonder?
|- style="background:#fff"
| [[Elite Four]] [[Drake]]
| {{ho|Pokémon League}}
| Harnessing the strongest stats.
| The latent power of Dragon types!
| I battle every day to understand and be understood by my Pokémon.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Ruin Maniac}} Dusty
| {{rt|111|Hoenn}}
| Overwhelm with power!
| Craggy {{type|Rock}} Pokémon.
| I'll travel the four corners of the world in search of ancient lore and romance!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Triathlete}} Dylan
| {{rt|117|Hoenn}}
| Strike before being struck!
| Fast-running Pokémon!
| If you ran and ran, you'd become one with the wind.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Collector}} Edwin
| {{rt|110|Hoenn}}
| Protecting my Pokémon from harm.
| I love rare Pokémon.
| I want to collect all the world's rare Pokémon.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Fisherman}} Elliot
| {{rt|106|Hoenn}}
| I battle patiently.
| I use Water-type Pokémon to battle!
| I'm the world's only guy to catch a Pokémon THAT big with a fishing rod.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Sailor}} Ernest
| {{rt|125|Hoenn}}
| I force my way through with power!
| Water and Fighting types.
| Sailors are rough spirits! Any complaints?!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Camper}} Ethan
| [[Jagged Pass]]
| Hang in there and be tenacious!
| I'll raise any Pokémon.
| Pokémon raised out in the wild will become strong! You'll see!
|- style="background:#fff"
| [[Gym Leader|Leader]] [[Flannery]]
| [[Lavaridge Town]]
| Battling aggressively.
| They burn with passion's flames!
| You can wash away your daily fatigue with a nice soak in the hot springs!
|- style="background:#fff"
| [[Elite Four]] [[Glacia]]
| {{ho|Pokémon League}}
| I make use of items to assist in battle.
| Flaming passion in icy cold!
| The Ice type can be trained to greater levels because of the heat here.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Street Thug}} Gomez
| {{rt|120|Hoenn}}
| I never let up with the pressure.
| I like cool ones, y'know.
| Y'know, it really hurts when people say I look scary...
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Backpacker}} Graeme
| {{rt|106|Hoenn}}
| You've just got to have a feeling for it.
| I love them all!
| I want to make some memories. That's why I want you to battle me.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Lass}} Haley
| {{rt|104|Hoenn}}
| I'll show you some guts!
| Cute Pokémon are my faves!
| After a battle, I always soak in the bath with my Pokémon.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Pokémon Breeder}} Isaac
| {{rt|117|Hoenn}}
| Full-on attack!
| Anything—I'll raise it.
| I give lots of [[Pokéblock]]s so we can go after those [[Contest Spectacular]] titles!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Poké Fan}} Isabel
| {{rt|110|Hoenn}}
| Go for it, my dears!
| I have no likes or dislikes.
| I always squeeze in a little battle while shopping for the night's dinner plans.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Triathlete}} Isaiah
| {{rt|128|Hoenn}}
| Exploit the environment!
| All hail the Water type!
| I won't be beaten by any beach-bum {{tc|Swimmer}}!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Pokémon Ranger}} Jackson
| {{rt|119|Hoenn}}
| I attack in waves.
| I used different types to battle.
| Those who destroy nature must never be forgiven!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Brains & Brawn}} Jael & Kael
| {{rt|119|Hoenn}}
| Start small and build on it!
| Popular Pokémon!
| We're a Brains & Brawn kinda combo!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Bug Catcher}} James
| [[Petalburg Woods]]
| Lightning-fast attacks!
| Bug-type Pokémon are number one!
| If you want to catch Bug Pokémon, you had better wake up early.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Swimmer ♀}} Jenny
| {{rt|124|Hoenn}}
| No mercy!
| Cute Water-type Pokémon.
| I have so many fans that it's a pain. I was even interviewed on TV!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Schoolkid}} Jerry
| {{rt|116|Hoenn}}
| My knowledge rules!
| Any smart Pokémon!
| I want to be a Pokémon researcher in the future.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Beauty}} Jessica
| {{rt|121|Hoenn}}
| I'll lead you astray.
| Cute ones, of course.
| I love the {{safari|Hoenn}}! I always seem to end up there!
|- style="background:#fff"
|{{tc| Old Couple}} John & Jay
| [[Meteor Falls]]
| Our love lets us prevail.
| We've had them for years.
| Married 50 years—we've had plenty of experience raising Pokémon together!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Ace Duo}} Jude & Rory
| {{ho|Victory Road}}
| We make an exquisite combination.
| Anything is fine as long as it's strong.
| Strongest combination? Right here!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Schoolkid}} Karen
| {{rt|116|Hoenn}}
| I use my head to battle.
| I love any kind of Pokémon!
| My daddy gives me spending money if I get good marks on my tests!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Scuba Diver}} Kylan
| {{rt|124|Hoenn}}
| I attack like a forceful, crashing wave.
| I guess it'll have to be {{p|Clamperl}}.
| I'm always deep in the ocean waters, but please do come and visit me.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Ninja Boy}} Lao
| {{rt|113|Hoenn}}
| You'll suffer from poison!
| {{t|Poison|Poisonous}} Pokémon.
| I undertake training so that I can become a ninja.
|- style="background:#fff"
| [[Gym Leader|Leader]] [[Liza & Tate]]
| [[Mossdeep City]]
| We battle in cooperation!
| Pokémon that are always friendly!
| We can read each others' minds—and the minds of our opponents, too.
|- style="background:#fff;"
| {{tc|Young Couple}} Lois & Hal
| [[Sea Mauville]]
| Lovey-dovey strategy!
| Lovey-dovey Pokémon!
| We're lovey-dovey! We'll be lovey-dovey forever!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Tuber}} Lola
| {{rt|109|Hoenn}}
| I'm going to try hard!
| Pokémon that are strong swimmers.
| I wish I could swim without an inner tube...
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Pokémon Breeder}} Lydia
| {{rt|117|Hoenn}}
| I count on power.
| My Pokémon are my children.
| It takes knowledge and love to raise Pokémon well.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Parasol Lady}} Madeline
| {{rt|113|Hoenn}}
| Go, go, my Pokémon!
| I'll raise anything.
| UV rays are your skin's enemy. Get protected.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Poké Fan}} Miguel
| {{rt|103|Hoenn}}
| I battle with love!
| Pokémon raised with love!
| It's important to build a relationship of trust with your Pokémon.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Fairy Tale Girl}} Momo
| [[Mt. Pyre]]
| I leave that up to my Pokémon.
| Fairy types, I guess.
| I love Pokémon. It's people I'm no good with.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Ace Trainer}} Neville
| {{rt|108|Hoenn}}
| I just let myself go with the flow.
| Pokémon that know {{m|Surf}}.
| I'm a Trainer who likes to splash about drifting in the troughs between waves.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Dragon Tamer}} Nicolas
| [[Meteor Falls]]
| It's about Pokémon power!
| See the power of Dragons!
| Someday, I'll be as epic as the most epic Trainer ever!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Black Belt}} Nob
| {{rt|115|Hoenn}}
| Grand slam pummeling!
| Fighting types.
| Not to brag, but I can bust through 10 bricks with my fists!
|- style="background:#fff"
| [[Gym Leader|Leader]] [[Norman]]
| [[Petalburg City]]
| I flexibly adapt my style.
| Those grown in a balanced manner.
| I've chosen to dedicate my life to Pokémon, but the road is hard...
|- style="background:#fff"
| [[Elite Four]] [[Phoebe]]
| {{ho|Pokémon League}}
| Confuse and confound opponents.
| It's hard to pin them down.
| I wonder how my grandma is doing at Mt. Pyre.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Ace Trainer}} Portia
| {{rt|109|Hoenn}}
| A stable kind of battling.
| Large Pokémon that I can {{m|Surf|ride on}}.
| I get "surfsick" real easy, but even when feeling bad, I'm not too shabby.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Tuber}} Ricky
| {{rt|109|Hoenn}}
| I don't really know, but I'll try hard.
| {{type|Water}} Pokémon are my friends!
| It's not like I can't swim! I just happen to like my inner tube!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Sis and Bro}} Rita & Sam
| {{rt|124|Hoenn}}
| We each take a different role!
| We like friendly Pokémon!
| We enjoy our Pokémon together as siblings!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Bird Keeper}} Robert
| {{rt|120|Hoenn}}
| I'll show you my technique!
| Elegantly wheeling {{t|Flying|bird}} Pokémon.
| My bird Pokémon, show my love to that girl on your soaring wings!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Aroma Lady}} Rose
| {{rt|118|Hoenn}}
| I'll be gentle.
| Fragrant {{t|Grass}} types.
| Pleasant smells are good for your spirit and your health!
|- style="background:#fff"
| [[Gym Leader|Leader]] [[Roxanne]]
| [[Rustboro City]]
| Attacking with {{type|Rock}} power!
| Rock-solid types are good.
| I want to learn all about Pokémon through battle.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Mysterious Sisters}} Scall & Ion
| [[Sea Mauville]]
| Fairies and Ghosts.
| It's a secret.
| Our sisterly bonds cannot be broken.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Delinquent}} Sharlene
| {{rt|120|Hoenn}}
| Like I care about that.
| C-cute ones!
| I, like, seriously go all out. So you'd better, like, seriously be ready.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Expert}} Shelby
| [[Jagged Pass]]
| Attack while defending.
| They be Fighting types.
| Being old, I have my own way of fighting, don't you know.
|- style="background:#fff"
| [[Elite Four]] [[Sidney]]
| {{ho|Pokémon League}}
| The best defense is a good offense!
| The aesthetics of the Dark side!
| You can talk all you want—all that matters is how strong I am, right?
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Poké Maniac}} Steve
| {{rt|114|Hoenn}}
| I'll pin you down with power...
| It took me all night to catch it...
| Big, burly, and buff Pokémon are the best for me...
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{pkmn|Champion}} {{Steven}}
| {{ho|Pokémon League}}
| Strike enemies where they're weakest!
| The ultimate Steel-type Pokémon.
| When it comes down to it, I'm just the strongest there is right now.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Expert}} Timothy
| {{rt|115|Hoenn}}
| I can see through your moves!
| Witness the essence of Fighting types!
| I'm not ready to give way to some young upstart just yet!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Swimmer ♂}} Tony
| {{rt|107|Hoenn}}
| Ram the opponent at full speed!
| Funky Water types!
| If I can't be out swimming, then you'll find me pumping iron!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Hiker}} Trent
| {{rt|112|Hoenn}}
| I battle with power.
| Hard-bodied Pokémon!
| I started planning for today's hike a whole month ago.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Hex Maniac}} Valerie
| [[Mt. Pyre]]
| Slow, steady suffering.
| Ones you'd be afraid to meet at night.
| I see things that no one else seems to see...
|- style="background:#fff"
| [[Gym Leader|Leader]] [[Wallace]]
| [[Sootopolis City]]
| With dignity and respect.
| I prefer Pokémon of grace.
| Aquatic illusions best suit my distinctive sense of elegance.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Gentleman}} Walter
| {{rt|121|Hoenn}}
| Calm and collected.
| Pokémon of distinction.
| We enjoy a pot of tea every afternoon with fine leaves we got from overseas.
|- style="background:#fff"
| [[Gym Leader|Leader]] [[Wattson]]
| [[Mauville City]]
| I choose to electrify.
| Get shocked by electricity!
| Wahahaha! The secret to good health is being willing to laugh!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Ace Trainer}} Wilton
| {{rt|111|Hoenn}}
| Upset the opponent.
| I use anything. Type doesn't matter.
| I'll have you know I'm a top student at the [[Pokémon Trainer's School|Trainers' School]].
|- style="background:#fff"
| [[Gym Leader|Leader]] [[Winona]]
| [[Fortree City]]
| I get my advantage through speed.
| Those that dance gracefully in the sky.
| I can see the patterns hidden in the way the wind blows.
|- style="background:#fff"
| style="background:#fff; {{roundybl|5px}}" | {{tc|Rich Boy}} Winston
| style="background:#fff" | {{rt|104|Hoenn}}
| style="background:#fff" | Strategy? Who needs it?
| style="background:#fff" | I've spent tons of money on training it!
| style="background:#fff; {{roundybr|5px}}" | Rich me sleeps in a bed of Pokémon.
[[File:PlayNav.png|thumb|200px|The PlayNav]]
The '''PlayNav''' (Japanese: '''プレイナビ''' ''Play-Navi'') is an application for the PokéNav Plus that includes the bottom-screen functionality from [[Pokémon X and Y]]. This includes the [[Player Search System]], [[Pokémon -Amie]], and [[Super Training]]. It is obtained from [[Wally]] before he leaves [[Petalburg Gym]] after helping him catch a Pokémon.
[[File:BuzzNav.png|thumb|200px|The BuzzNav]]
The '''BuzzNav''' (Japanese: '''テレビナビ''' ''TV-Navi'') is an application for the PokéNav Plus that displays news reports from [[HoennTV TV|Mauville TV]] about the player's exploits in the game. It is obtained from [[Mr. Stone]] at the [[Devon Corporation]] after getting the [[Devon Parts]] back from the {{tc|Team Magma Grunt}}{{sup/6|OR}}/{{tc|Team Aqua Grunt}}{{sup/6|AS}} gruntin [[Rusturf Tunnel]].
It also includes [[StreetPass]] functionality that allows the player to receive news, [[Secret Base|Secret Bases]]s, [[Soaring in the sky|Mirage spotsspot]]s, and other data from players they pass by either in the real world or on the [[Player Search System]]. Once a day, StreetPass data may be gathered from the [[Player Search System|PSS]]. If StreetPass data is available, a mailbox icon ([[File:BuzzNav notification.png|20px]]) will appear on the BuzzNav's screen. If BuzzNav is not the active application, the icon will appear on BuzzNav's tab. However, if the player is in a Secret Base, the mailbox icon will not be visible and StreetPass data cannot be loaded, even if it is available.
* The design of the PokéNav Plus appears to be based on the [[Game Boy Advance SP]], similarly to how the Pokédex in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire appears to be based on the original [[Game Boy Advance]]. This is likely a reference to the original Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire debuting on the Game Boy Advance and also being playable on the later SP model.
* A male {{tc|Swimmer}} on {{rt|124|Hoenn}} notes that the PokéNav Plus is waterproof.
* During the [[Delta Episode]], the Entry Call (Ver. 0.09) app, a communication mode that is still in development, is used by [[Steven Stone]] to call the player. ThisIn the Japanese version, it is similarreferred to as the (Japanese: エントリーコール ''Entry Call''), the Japanese name of the {{DL|PokéNav|Match Call}} function of the PokéNav in {{v2|Emerald}}.
* Due to the removal of male {{tc|Psychic}}s and female {{tc|Triathlete}}s in Generation VI, as well as the inability to see the Trainer's Eye of {{ga|Wally}}, several pieces of Trainer's Eye information go unused:
{| class="roundy sortable" style="margin:auto; background: #73B1B7; border: 3px solid #7A8B8B"
! Trainer !! Strategy !! Favorite Pokémon !! Trainer Message
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Psychic}} Jacki || Battle at full power. || Pokémon of many mysteries. || When we "spoke," I was using my telepathy to communicate with you.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Triathlete}} Abigail || Defense is crucial. || My Pokémon are solid. || I began this as a way to lose weight, but it's so fun that I got sucked in.
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Triathlete}} Katelyn || All-out offensive! || Water Pokémon rule! || I must swim over six miles every day!
|- style="background:#fff"
| {{tc|Triathlete}} Maria || Speed above all! || I use speedy Pokémon. || A marathon is a challenge against your own self.
|- style="background:#fff"
| [[Pokémon Trainer]] {{ga|Wally}} || We put everything we have into it! || The first Pokémon I ever caught. || My Pokémon and I have grown stronger together.
==In other languages==
===PokéNav Plus===
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|- style="vertical-align: top;"
{{langtable|color={{Alpha Sapphire color light}}|bordercolor={{Omega Ruby color}}
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|ko=도감내비 ''Dogam-Navi''
|ptzh_cmn=DexNav图鉴领航 ''Tújiàn Lǐngháng''
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{{langtable|color={{Alpha Sapphire color light}}|bordercolor={{Omega Ruby color}}
|ko=플레이내비 ''Play-Navi''
}}<div style="display:inline-block">
{{langtable|color={{Alpha Sapphire color light}}|bordercolor={{Omega Ruby color}}
|ko=TV 내비 ''TV-Navi''
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** [ PlayNav on the official site]
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