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Appendix:Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough/Section 19

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Go west until you reach the large crack in the floor, where N stops you. He says simply, ''"This is our destination... Go inside."''
Enter the throne room and head north, where he catches up to you. He tells you about losing to a certain Trainer two years ago, and having to accept new ideas. He wants to know if you are a Trainer whose heart is strong enough to do that. He summons his friend {{p|Zekrom}}{{sup/5|B2}} or /{{p|Reshiram}}{{sup/5|W2}} to his side, and asks if you are ready to battle. Despite having only one Pokémon, it can put up a serious fight. Defensively, you may want to use a high-level {{type|Ground}} Pokémon against Zekrom, or a high-level {{type|Rock}} Pokémon against Reshiram. Offensively, {{t|Ground}} moves like {{m|Earthquake}} and {{t|Ice}} moves like {{m|Ice Beam}} will be a big help.
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