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As Team Rocket watches, the battle between Misty and Marina begins. They agree to a three-on-three battle, and send out their first Pokémon. Marina uses Tentacruel and Misty sends out her {{TP|Misty|Goldeen}}. Using {{m|Agility}}, Goldeen dodges Tentacruel's {{m|Wrap}}, and lunges for a {{m|Horn Attack}}. Unfortunately, Tentacruel stabs it with a {{m|Poison Sting}}. Goldeen floats to the surface, defeated. Marina tells Misty that she likes water Pokémon that have another type as well, as this gives her a slight advantage. Misty sends out {{TP|Misty|Staryu}}, and Marina compliments her on how good it looks. It is as powerful as it is good-looking, and it defeats Tentacruel with a single {{m|Swift}} attack.
Marina sends out a {{p|Psyduck}} of her own, who looks a lot stronger than Misty's. Staryu uses {{m|Water Gun}}, but Psyduck deflects it with {{m|Confusion}} and it hits Staryu, defeating it. Marina suggests that Misty send out her Psyduck, and Tracey tells Misty a battle might be enough to make Psyduck evolve. Misty tosses out a [[Poké Ball]] to use her Psyduck, but it falls into the water empty. Embarrassed, Misty tells Ash to get Psyduck's Poké Ball for her, but he can't tell which one it is. He tosses her [[bag|backpack]] to her, but it falls short. She reaches into the water to get it, and when she pulls it up, a Pokémon's head is stuck in it. She yanks it off, and everyone is amazed: it's a {{p|Golduck}}. Apparently, Psyduck evolved.
Misty runs over and hugs it. She says that nobody will yell at it like they did to Psyduck. Ash comments to Tracey that the person who yelled at it the most was Misty herself. He thinks that Psyduck evolved because it loves her. The battle continues, with Misty using Golduck. Psyduck uses Confusion, and a wave races at Misty. Golduck leaps onto the wave and, using its {{t|Psychic}} powers, deflects it back to Marina. Just as it is about to hit, the wave twists into an inverted {{m|whirlpool}}. Golduck jumps off just in time to avoid the Magikarp submarine, which pops out of the water.