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Mewtwo leads Ash and the other Trainers into the stadium part of the fortress and suggests that they should battle Pokémon to see who is the strongest, the clones versus the originals. [[Ash's Charizard]], Corey's {{p|Venusaur}}, and Neesha's {{p|Blastoise}} are no match for Mewtwo's clones. Mewtwo then summons its own specialized [[Poké Ball]]s, the Clone Balls, and uses them to capture Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise, claiming them as its prize. Mewtwo then announces that the other Pokémon will be taken to be cloned. The clones will remain safe on the island while Mewtwo's storms destroy the planet. Mewtwo then sends the Balls after the Pokémon.
Immediately, all the Trainers are on the run. Some Pokémon are captured before they realize what's happening, some attempt to outrun the Clone Balls and some attempt to use their attacks to defend themselves. However, it proves to be useless as nearly all the Pokémon end up being captured one by one. Ash deduces that Pokémon inside their Poké Balls should be safe from capture and recalls {{AP|Bulbasaur}} and {{AP|Squirtle}}. However, it turns out to be no use, as the Clone Balls instead capture the Poké Balls whole with Bulbasaur and Squirtle still inside. Brock suggests carrying the Pokémon away, but while Misty successfully hides {{TP|Misty|Togepi}} inside her [[bag|backpack]], {{TP|Misty|Psyduck}} and {{TP|Brock|Vulpix}} aren't so lucky and are also caught.
{{AP|Pikachu}} is the only Pokémon still uncaptured, and as a result he's now the only target of the Clone Balls. Ash uses his body to block them, giving Pikachu a chance to run. Pikachu heads towards a nearby suspended staircase and uses {{m|ThunderShock}} to take out a few of the Clone Balls. Ash follows him up the staircase. Pikachu is forced to use his ThunderShock every few seconds, which in combination with constantly being on the run, leaves him exhausted. As a result, Pikachu is forced off the staircase while dodging the Balls, falling a long way. Ash jumps off after Pikachu to protect him, but before he can grab his friend, a Clone Ball finally manages to capture Pikachu. Ash grabs the Ball before he falls into the pool of water at the base of the staircase, and loses his grip on it underwater. Ash follows it, out of the pool, and towards the entrance to the laboratory where Team Rocket is.
* Despite numerous mentions that {{p|Charizard}} and its pre-evolved forms will die if the flame on their tail goes out, both the Charizard clone and {{DL|Mewtwo (original series)|Charizardtwo}} were submerged in liquid with no visible flame while in their incubation chambers.
* This movie marks the only time in the anime that {{AP|Pikachu}} is shown going ''into'' a [[Poké Ball]], and only the second time he has come out of one (the other being in ''[[EP001|Pokémon - I Choose You!]]'').
* Of the Pokémon seen in the movie, only [[Misty's Togepi]], {{TP|Misty|Staryu}}, [[Jessie's Arbok]], and [[James's Weezing]] were not captured and cloned by Mewtwo. Misty hid Togepi in her bagbackpack, and Staryu, Arbok, and Weezing were not released from their Poké Balls during the gathering.
* Though Mewtwo owned a cloned {{p|Venusaur}}, Charizard, and {{p|Blastoise}}, they were not cloned from the Trainers' Pokémon. They were supposedly cloned from Pokémon Mewtwo had previously acquired itself. Despite this, all three of the Trainers' Pokémon were captured by Mewtwo anyway.
** This may have been done in order to prevent the three from interfering with the capture of the other Pokémon.