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Wanda had a boyfriend who lived in [[Rustboro City]]. The two were waiting for the [[Rusturf Tunnel]] to be completed so they could visit each other regularly.
However, the construction disturbed the local {{p|Whismur}} who lived in the tunnel, so construction was canceled.
Wanda's boyfriend tried to dig the tunnel himself, and almost completed it. After the {{player|main character}} of {{game2|Ruby|Sapphire|Emerald}} gets the {{badge|Dynamo}}, they can use {{m|Rock Smash}} to complete the tunnel and open a path to {{rt|116|Hoenn}}.
Wanda and her boyfriend are thankfully reunited and give the protagonist {{HM|04|Strength}}{{sup/3|RSE|}}/the {{DL|Mega Stone|Aggronite}}{{sup/6|ORAS|}} as a token of gratitude.
Later in the game, Wanda finds two [[Mega Stone]]s{{sup/6|ORAS|}}, one of which (the {{DL|Mega Stone|Gardevoirite}}) she gives the protagonist, and the other to Wally.
==In the Pokémon Adventures manga==
In the [[Chuang Yi]] translation, she is referred to as '''Wallene'''.
{{adv|Ruby}} was entered in a [[Pokémon Contest]] in [[Verdanturf Town]] when he thought he saw {{adv|Wally}} in the audience. Anxious to meet him again, he follows "Wally" outside and stops him from getting on a bus by having his {{p|Feebas}} cover the entrance with {{m|Ice Beam}}, angering many people.
And after all that, it turns out that it was just Wanda, Wally's cousin, all along. They looked so much alike that people often mistaken them as siblings but not cousins. Wanda tells Ruby that Wally was in Verdanturf, but now he's moved to a hospital. This leaves Ruby despondent as his {{p|Ralts}} was still with Wally.
|epname=VS. Vileplume II
|desc={{p|Whismur}} and {{p|Loudred}} were helping out Wanda and {{adv|Riley}} for the wedding. The Whismur and Loudred may have beenare the Pokémon from the Rusturf Tunnel as she met them before.
Whismur's only known move is {{m|Uproar}}<ref> Official Pokémon Adventures website</ref>, and its Ability is {{a|Soundproof}}.}}
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