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The episode begins with a pre-episode teaser of the last episode with [[Trip]], [[Manning]], {{an|Cilan}}, [[Horatio]], {{Ash}}, [[Geraldo]], {{an|Dawn}}, and {{an|Iris}} having won the first round of the [[Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup]] and the computer is once again shuffling the match ups. The match-ups are announced to be: Manning and Trip, Horatio and Cilan, Geraldo and Ash, and Dawn and Iris. [[Georgia]] and [[Burgundy]] are seen talking to each other, with Georgia hoping that Iris doesn't lose to anybody but her. Freddy and [[Alder]] once again remind the participants that the winner of the tournament will get to battle Alder, and the matches begin.
Trip's {{TP|Trip|Serperior}} faces off against Manning's [[Heatmor]] and wins despite the type advantage with another {{m|Solar Beam}} like in the first round. Cilan and Horatio then face off, sending out their respective [[{{TP|Cilan|Stunfisk]]}} and [[p|Cinccino]]. Stunfisk wins with a {{m|Sludge Bomb}} and Cilan defeats Horatio. During the matches, Iris leaves to go talk to her Dragonite, who completely refuses to listen to her. [[Cynthia]] appears, noting that Iris seems to be having trouble. Cynthia approaches Dragonite, but he snarls at her and Cynthia realizes that the Pokémon doesn't trust human yet. She tells him that it doesn't need to keep it's guard up, and that humans and Pokémon need to work together. She finally manages to pet him, saying that if it relaxed things would be much better.
Iris returns right before Ash's match, along with {{p|Meloetta}} to cheer them on. While Ash's {{TP|Ash|Boldore}} faces Horatio's {{p|Reuniclus}}, Trip is seen walking through the halls, catching Cynthia's attention. When Cynthia asks him why he isn't watching the matches, Trip says he's got a winning strategy and that watching the battles wouldn't matter. Cynthia replies that she's impressed and wishes him luck. Ash's Boldore uses {{m|Rock Blast}} to defeat Runiclus, and Ash wins his second round match.