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:I did manage to revert the ASCII inage and left a message, as it was userpage content in a talk page. However, I think we may have to look into the filter to see what Blissey's attempted revert triggered. [[User:Berrenta|Berrenta]] ([[User talk:Berrenta|talk]]) 05:17, 23 January 2015 (UTC)
::I believe it's triggered when regular users remove large chunks of bytes.--[[User:Force Fire|<span style="color:#AB2813">'''F'''</span><span style="color:#C87365">orce</span>]][[User talk:Force Fire|<span style="color:#26649C">'''F'''</span><span style="color:#729ABF">ire</span>]] 05:54, 23 January 2015 (UTC)
What has been wrong with my edits?