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Mr. Fuji

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|フジろうじん<br>''Elder Fuji''
|From フジ ''Fuji'', the Japanese name for the ''{{wp|wisteriaWisteria}} family of plants'', a genus of plants with purple flowers. HeThis may be named this because he lives in [[Lavender Town|Cion Town]], also named afterfor athe plantpurple withcolor purpleof flowersa flower.
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|English, French,<br>German, Italian,<br>Spanish
|Mr. Fuji
|Same as Japanese name.
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|등나무노인<br>''Elder Deung'namu''
|From 등나무 ''Deung'namu'', the Korean name for ''{{wp|Wisteria floribunda}}'', the "Japanese Wisteria".
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|Chinese ({{tt|Mandarin|Taiwan}})
|富士老人<br>''Elder Fùshì''
|From 富士 ''Fuji'', possibly relating to {{wp|Mount Fuji|Mt. Fuji}}.
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