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Haigney was the original voice director on Pokémon, and was also one of the original voice actors, originally providing fill-in voices for Pokémon that had not been cast. During [[Pokémon: Advanced|the sixth season]], Haigney left the series. After his departure, stock footage was used to voice [[Ash's Snorlax]] in ''[[AG149|Wheel Of Frontier]]'', as well as [[Brock's Geodude]] in ''[[AG177|Grating Spaces!]]''.
In the ''[[M04|Pokémon 4Ever]]'' DVD commentary, Haigney explains that he didn't realize [[Ash's Charmander]] would become a major character, believing it to only be a [[character of the day]].
===Voices on Pokémon===
* {{AP|Charizard|Ash's Charmander|Charizard}} ([[EP011]]-[[EP043]])
* [[Ash's Primeape]] ([[EP029]])
* [[Ash's Muk]] ([[EP030]]-[[AG133]])