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Based on a comment by Kirbopher a.k.a. Chris Niosi:
epnum=EP058 |
epname=Riddle Me This |
enva=[[MichaelRoger Haigney]]Kay |
java=Toshiya Ueda }}
'''Blaine''' (Japanese: '''カツラ''' ''Katsura'') is the [[Gym Leader]] of [[Cinnabar Island]]'s (later the [[Seafoam Islands]]') [[Gym]], known officially as the [[Cinnabar Gym]]. He hands out the {{Badge|Volcano}} to {{pkmn|Trainer}}s who defeat him. He is a highly intelligent man who uses {{type|Fire}} {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}.
==In the anime==
===In the main series===
[[File:Blaine anime.png|thumb|200px|left250px|Blaine in the anime]]
Blaine appeared in the episodes ''[[EP058|Riddle Me This]]'' and ''[[EP059|Volcanic Panic]]''.
{{vatable|color={{fire color}}|bordercolor={{fire color light}}
|ja=上田 敏也 ''Toshiya Ueda''
|en=[[MichaelRoger Haigney]]Kay
|es_la=Bardo Miranda
|es_eu=Luis Mas
===In Pokémon Origins===
[[File:Blaine PO.png|thumb|right|210px250px|Blaine in Pokémon Origins]]
Blaine appeared briefly in the [[Pokémon Origins]] episode ''[[PO03|File 3 - Giovanni]]''. He was seen being challenged and defeated by {{OBP|Red|Origins}}, earning the young Trainer the {{badge|Volcano}}.
===Design differences===
[[File:Blaine disguise anime.png|thumb|150px|right200px|Blaine's anime disguise]]
Blaine has two separate character designs. The first one is from early Sugimori artwork for [[Pokémon Red and Green Versions]]. He is depicted as a bald man with light red hair to the back and side of his head, with no mustache and no sunglasses wearing beach clothes. The old design was reused in the {{pkmn|anime}} (as Blaine's real look) and very briefly in the [[Pokémon Adventures]] manga (as a disguise after his mustache was burned).