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Pokémon Electronic Hand-Held Yahtzee

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Pokémon Electronic Hand-Held Yahtzee is a game for one player. Like traditional Yahtzee, the object of the game is to achieve the highest score possible, mostly based on chance and roll of the dice.
When the game begins, five squares representing five dice are randomized, ending on one of five Pokémon —: {{p|Pikachu}}, {{p|Geodude}}, {{p|Gengar}}, {{p|Squirtle}} and {{p|Clefairy}}. There is also a chance of landing on a "wild" die, represented by an asterisk. If a players rolls a wild die, each of the five Pokémon will flash. By pushing the corresponding "hold" button when the desired Pokémon passes by, it will count as that Pokémon. The player gets three rolls per turn with the aim of rolling as many of the same Pokémon as possible in one turn. On each roll, a player may "hold" one to five of their dice, allowing them to attempt to match up all five dice as the same Pokémon (five of the same is called a Yahtzee). The player is awarded points at the end of each turn based on how many of the same Pokémon they rolled. The more of the same, the more points are rewarded, with bonuses given for each Yahtzee. The game ends once five turns have passed. The game will keep track of a player's highest-ever score for future reference.