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In the anime
Several Pokémon walk with their Trainers outside of their Poké Ball in the {{pkmn|anime}}, the most obvious of which is [[Ash's Pikachu]]. On Ash's first day as a Trainer, Pikachu adamantly refused to go back into his Poké Ball after being released from it in [[Professor Oak]]'s lab, and afterward revealed to Ash that he did not like being inside the Ball. Though Ash eventually insisted he go inside for protection as he defended them both from the angry flock of {{p|Spearow}} he encountered, Pikachu still did not, and has not been inside of his, or any, Poké Ball since then, with the exception of ''[[M01|Mewtwo Strikes Back]]'', where he was captured by Mewtwo.
[[Misty's Togetic|Misty's Togepi]] is another Pokémon in the anime famous for never being recalled to a Poké Ball, and even more notably, having never been seen to be in a Poké Ball at all. Ash found it as an [[Pokémon Egg|Egg]] in [[Grampa Canyon]] in ''[[EP046|Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon]]'', and it was cared for by {{an|Brock}} until it was stolen by [[Team Rocket]], subsequently hatching in {{an|Misty}}'s arms. It served as a companion to Pikachu throughout the series from its debut until Misty's departure, and was eventually released by Misty in ''[[AG045|A Togepi Mirage!]]''. Some do not count it as a walking Pokémon due to the fact that it never had ''any'' Poké Ball, even though it acted aslike onea captured Pokémon.
Like Pikachu, [[Dawn's Piplup]] has also become a walking Pokémon, though he was initially completely fine with staying inside at the beginning of the {{series|Diamond & Pearl}}, and has not indicated that he has ever had a problem with it, unlike Pikachu. Since ''[[DP060|Journey To The Unown!]]'', Dawn often carries him around in her arms much like Misty did Togepi. In some episodes, however, Piplup instead rides on either her head or her shoulder.