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EX Delta Species (TCG)

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*This set contains only 3 {{TCG|Pokémon-ex}}, a record low for any set in the EX series.
*The holographic[[Holofoil]] rare design changed exclusively for δ Delta Species Pokémon, with the card border and Pokémon itself featuring a plain holographicHolofoil treatment.
*The reverse-holographicHolofoil design for this set is similar to that of the new holographicHolofoil rare treatment, with same foil used but only on the background image. In addition to the background, name text and rarity symbol, the reverse-holographicHolofoil versions of the holographicHolofoil rares now have a holographicHolofoil border and HP text. All reverse-holographicsHolofoil feature the EX Delta Species set logo.
*The secret [[box topper]] card for this set is Azumarill.
*The prerelease card for this set is Metang δ.