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Spheal (Pokémon)

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Spheal is a chubby, spherical, seal-like Pokémon with a short, flat tail. Its plushy fur is light blue with several white spots of various sizes on its back. This covering of fluffy fur protects Spheal from the cold. It has black, circular eyes, small tusks protruding from its upper jaw, and small, rounded ears. Its stubby flippers and its underside are both beige. When happy or cheerful, such as when eating in a group, this Pokémon will clap its fins. Because its body is poorly shaped for swimming and can only walk slowly, it moves primarily by rolling across ice floes. It can even coat itself in ice while rolling to use its former [[signature move]], {{m|Ice Ball}}. This Pokémon lives in and around the {{DL|List of Pokémon by habitat|Sea Pokémon|sea}}.
==In the anime==