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Oldale Town

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{{Town infobox
|name=Oldale Town
|jptrans=Kotoki Town
|image=Oldale Town EORAS.png
|imageIII=Oldale Town RS.png
|slogan=Where things start off scarce.
|mapdesc=A town where the contrast between colorful flowers and deep, verdant forests is most beautiful.
==Places of interest==
[[File:Oldale Town RS.png|left|thumb|170px|Oldale Town in Ruby and Sapphire]]
===Tracking scientist===
The way to {{rt|102|Hoenn}} is blocked by a researcher upon the player's first visit to Oldale Town. The scientist is sketching what he believes are footprints from rare Pokémon. Until he is done, west is a no-go. This is to ensure that players challenges his/her rival on {{rt|103|Hoenn}} and receives a [[Pokédex]] from [[Professor Birch]] before they continue with their journey. When the player returns, the researcher sheepishly stands aside, after concluding that it was his own footprints all along.
{{Itemlist|Potion|Obtained from [[Poké Mart]] attendant near the {{rt|101|Hoenn}} junction|OR=yes|AS=yes|display={{DL|Potion|Potion}} ×10}}
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| colspan="2" | [[File:Oldale Town RS.png|250px]]
| [[File:Oldale Town E.png|250px]]
| colspan="2" | [[File:Oldale Town ORAS.png|250px]]
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==In the anime==
| Same as Mandarin name.
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